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  • jimsutter10 jimsutter10 Mar 4, 2013 12:13 AM Flag

    You all have a better idea????


    Time to put their feet to the fire. If you want to blindly believe in this with no word from F(U) in 18 months as of this April then go for it.

    I'm sorry, unofficial word is no word at all.

    1) file
    2) press release
    3) direction of the company

    My patience has run out.

    This topic is deleted.
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    • Jim,
      Thank you for taking the time to ask other shareholders what they might like to see or have done.
      [If it were me and I were writing a letter to ABAT's CEO or Board, I might write something like the following:]

      Dear Mr. (full CEO Name) and or Advanced Battery Technologies Board of Directors,

      Some of your shareholders, including myself, might like some, or any potential, clarification on how work between you, China's CSRC and the U.S.'s SEC might be progressing, including an approximate/vague when (including any possible correspondence between ABAT and CSRC, if there has been any correspondence) some sort of information which might be released or resolved by the CSRC and or SEC, even if only in part or rough draft. Since it is probably true that you will not release any ABAT specific financial statements if and until ABAT's shareholder lawsuit(e.g. Pomerantz) is resolved [also], is there ANY other information which you might be able to release to shareholders in the form of a general Press Release?

      Any information which you or the company might be able to provide, such as 1) [general or specific] Customer Feedback Reviews on products which you or ABAT distributors may have sold by or on behalf of ABAT, 2) any Future Events worldwide or country-specific in which ABAT is either taking part, taking a leadership role in or taking part in, surveys, seminars, sales events, etc., 3) May shareholders sign an online petition or otherwise petition on ABAT's behalf to have the lawsuit against ABAT dropped., any general or specific manufacturing information such as # units manufactured by ABAT/subsidiaries/etc. by quarter or by year (without necessarily including any price, cost, or margin information).

      Lastly, is there anything we as long-term shareholders of ABAT can or could potentially do on your behalf or ABAT's behalf.

      Thank you for your time,
      Jim Sutter and on behalf of other ABAT shareholders as well.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • =I'm sorry, unofficial word is no word at all.

      And how long did I tell you that while you claimed the insider info Jimmy was leaking out was sufficient?

      Yes, the process DOES take months which is why I told you it was foolish to wait instead of getting it started months ago.

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