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  • wangban2001 wangban2001 Apr 18, 2013 3:56 AM Flag

    Pomerantz Settlement

    Dear Sirs,

    I dream and Pomeranz will announce large, infiinte grand settlement against Fuzzy and ABAT of more than 50 million dollars. US. The class will win. ABAT will lose and no more lying dishonest defraudment will occur as ABAT will be bad example to follow. Chinese newspapers will know how ABAT defrauded Americans by hugest settlement.

    Old shareholders will get a lot of money. they deserve.

    Poor Fuzzy. He should learn from lying and be more honest like newer Chinese companies who want to make the bridges between China and Americans.

    Hurting Americans by lying is enough and no longer will help.

    Wang PRC

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    • Is this the same wang or an imitator?

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      • The "original" wangban and this spoof one are both impostors and not in the PRC.

        I'm not sure who this latest one is, but reading through his posts it looks like it could be either Jim or Joel. Jim has shown he plays both sides with aliases trying to drive the price up or down depending on his current needs. It might shock people to think it is Joel, but there are a lot of clues:

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        Settlement Letter
        by beingjoel •Dec 30, 2012 6:20 PM .

        beingjoel • Dec 31, 2012 9:35 AM

        ABAT Electricscooter for updates

        Now where had I seen that before?

        time to check out Advanced Battery Technology ABAT
        by wangban2001 • Oct 22, 2012 7:12 PM Flag
        google abatelectricscooter


        Advanced Battery Technologies
        by wangban2001 • Oct 23, 2012 8:25 AM Flag
        abat electricscooter

        wangban sounds like someone who has been to China, but I don't believe he lives there. He likes to sound spiritual and keeps referring to Foo being a good Buddhist. He has knowledge of the pertinent facts and kept pushing people to Joel's abatelectricscooter site using the exact same wording as Joel. I have no proof... just interesting conjecture. Especially when both wangban and Joel make simultaneous appearances after a long hiatus. Who knows or cares. I continue to affirm that I have exactly one ID and have never posted under another here.

        Believe nobody and verify everything.

    • Wang, I don't think the settlement will be even close to that.

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      • I agree, Joel. I think it will be around $4M if the judge allows it. It will pay off the named Plaintiffs and the attorneys while throwing everybody else under the bus. I am watching this one because the judge has indicated she is unwilling to rubber-stamp a settlement that would be grossly unjust to those that were actually harmed. The fact it wasn't quickly approved is very telling. Especially when one of her fellow judges in the Delaware Chancery stood up and refused to approve a settlement in a not so dissimilar case. I am willing to bet Pomerantz was told if they continue to pursue this, ABAT will self-deregister and go back to China where they are untouchable and not honor any judgments while Pomerantz will have to spend millions of dollars to finish the case only to collect nothing for themselves or their clients. That is the only way they would agree to a small settlement when the evidence is so overwhelming and even the judge stated this. Her own words were the pleadings were "compelling", "well-supported" and the appearance of fraud was "inescapable". I think she is having trouble approving a small settlement with what she knows.

        So Joel, it has been another year since your self-imposed timeline on when Foo and ABAT would be "out of integrity". When you said "in the coming months" would be April of 2012 at the latest. I am very empathic and feel sorry for those who were harmed while I continue to stand up to those that try to suck new people into this train wreck with lies and misinformation.

        Good luck to you. You do realize you don't need to continue holding the stock to take part in any settlement if a class is approved. You could have sold anytime after March 30, 2011 and still will receive damages. The further losses are on you and your trusting nature and not on Foo or ABAT.

    • hi wang... I don't believe the "class" was ever certified. The latest word from the Honorable Judge Colleen McMahon is a stay is in place with settlement-in-principle paperwork to be presented to her bench. It's likely the next news or update will concern the settlement. The earliest the settlement-in-principle could have been presented is early September 2012. It's been seven months now so news should be forthcoming.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Dear Mr. Twist,

        You very nice man. But very guiliable. Mr. Fuzzy tried to pull fast one on US or maybe he tricked hisself by others manipulation.

        He head captain of ship and cause loss of 220 millions of dollars to US shareholders. When Pomerantz announced 50-70 million dollar settlement or more, my Chinese people will understand not to lie no more. I hope it make BIG HEADLINES that ABAT was big liars.

        Many good simple Chinese hurt very much by lying. Lying no good. Now Americans hurt too by this sinister activity.

        Settlement should be for good money to help original shareholders.

        We need 正义 justice for. Life, liberty and justice. Good American concepts, we need to learn it.

        Wang PRC

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