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  • goalis100000in1year goalis100000in1year May 6, 2013 2:46 PM Flag

    Compressed Air Vehicles

    google "Air Car by Guy Negre on CNN"

    MDI's Air Car engine that runs on compressed air. Emissions are only filtered air that's cleaner than outside air. 300 bars of pressure in carbon-fibre & kevlar air tanks. Car can travel at 110 km/hr and has a 150 km driving range. Refilling can be done by plugging in at home or at a special high-pressure air station.

    Pollution free vehicle that produces zero emissions. When the car stops at traffic lights, the engine stops so no energy is lost because there's no idling.

    Air compressor stations can run on wind/solar energy.

    Do you think this new technology is a threat/competition or a help to ABAT 's business?

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    • My opinion, the more alternate vehicles out there the better and the better the business environment is for ABAT.

      The type of mentality of the Guy in the 4X4 Dodge V8 who blasts his horn at anything moving at the speed limit, hinders expansion of alternate vehicles into North America.

      The success in Spain and probably in all Southern Europe with its compacted 1000 year old cities, small streets with no where to park, are ideal market areas.

      Expansion Map of ABAT in Spain is pretty impressive, I count 20 distributor ships.

    • Do you think this new technology is a threat/competition or a help to ABAT 's business?

    • "Car can travel at 110 km/hr and has a 150 km driving range."
      "Do you think this new technology is a threat/competition or a help to ABAT 's business?"

      This is obviously a competitive threat to all vehicle 'power' suppliers.
      As for this air technology posing a danger to users ... I can't imagine it being any more dangerous than scuba tanks have been to divers. Of course, one can dream up a scenario to find a danger in anything - choking on a shirt button, getting poked in the eye with a toothpick, etc.; but, REASONABLE thinking will maintain that this poses no greater danger than what is already present in other technologies. And, the vehicle can be equipped with 'emergency air supply' to help decrease the number of vehicle-related drowning deaths!

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      • The fundamental problem, they say, is the laws of thermodynamics, which make compressed air an impractical power source for vehicles. The AirPod’s 200-liter tank is roughly the size of a common 55-gallon drum, but it carries the energy of little more than a liter of gasoline. And its air-powered engine makes inefficient use of it. MDI counters that the ultralight, low-speed AirPod needs very little to get around. Yet skeptics abound.

        Nuff said

    • I think the biggestr threat that particular model poses is to its occupants.


      "Deflating the Air Car" by Peter Fairley, IEEE Spectrum, 30 October 2009.

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      • Hi China. I read the IEEE article. What threats on occupants did you have in mind? None are mentioned in the IEEE article.

        The Peugeot and Tata cars are primarily aimed/to-be-marketed at city drivers where a lot of starting and stopping is necessary and speeds are much reduced.

        Also, China, if you mean the compressed air in an accident could prove problematic, air tanks can easily be engineered/pressure-release-valved to rapidly exhale in one direction or several directions such as spraying "under the car" in the event of an accident or air tank implosion. Certainly the compressed air danger would be much reduced compared to a sparked vehicle gasoline tank explosion.

        Thanks for contributing to the thread.

    • Very interesting post, thanks for the tech-related update! The Air Car by Guy Negre was dated 2008 in YouTube so an attempt was made to find something much more recent. Turns out (current news) French car manufacturer Peugeot has created a new hybrid car that could be twice as efficient and half as pricy as traditional battery hybrids.

      Peugeot engineer Karim Mokaddem said the secret of this Hybrid Air car to to capture the energy lost while decelerating or braking. "What we are doing with our hybrid air technology is as soon as you’re just braking or just decelerating, you are able to store the energy very quickly," he said. "Compressed air, which is a new way of looking at energy storage in a hybrid car."

      The compressed air system is fairly simple. Mokaddem said it looks like a scuba tank. "In this scuba tank, what you’re going to do is store in the compressed air the energy that is normally lost when you are braking or accelerating," he said.

      Whereas an electric car stores the lost energy in batteries, the Hybrid Air car stores the energy in an air tank.

      Tata Motors is also working on a compressed Air Vehicle.

      The compressed air storage tank is too large for most portable electronic devices so it probably will not affect ABAT. Also, engineers will have to reduce air tank sizes and costs to take away eScooter, eCycle and eBike sales. Goalis, you get an "A" for most likely viable, very interesting, and probably least 'widely known about' "novel" technology post for the day!

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