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  • eldeebfamily eldeebfamily Nov 22, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    How can a short share holder lower the asking price and buy it in seconds?

    The ask price is .38, then in a second, some jerk lower his ask price to .35 and then in second buy his own low ask price at .35 and then in second the ask price back to .38

    I tried to buy 100 shares at .35, but I never could time it right to yhe short low ask of .35,. so end up buying it at market price to show current price at .38 and ABAT become green again in-spite the shorts effort to make us believe the price going down

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    • Naked short...

      • 1 Reply to altaga47
      • =Naked short...

        Ahhh... now you are claiming it is naked shorting. That is also debunked. Not as many people understand REG SHO, so you have a better chance of deceiving them with "naked shorting" conspiracies, but they can be easily educated on this, also.

        When there is a naked shorting problem, it is what is called a Failure to Deliver. The stock was shorted, but the share that was "borrowed" has not been identified. When you cross a threshold where naked shorting is more than a timing issue with a delivery, the stock goes on what is called the REG SHO Threshold List. ABAT does not appear on the REG SHO list; therefore, there is no naked shorting problem.

        Proof once more he is a liar and a conman. Still waiting for your supporting documentation of over 10M short interest. You must be trying to sell right now for your lies to become so outrageous and easily debunked.

    • Your post shows you don't know how the markets work. You can't buy at the Bid and sell at the Ask. You can put in a market buy for 100 shares and see .38 print if it makes you happy. Doesn't change the fact you can't sell any volume unless you drop to the low .30s. Look at L2. You need to observe the stack to see what price you need to be at for the volume you want to trade. You aren't going to get filled between the spread unless it is a computer matching a buyer and seller.

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