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  • eldeebfamily eldeebfamily Dec 7, 2013 11:30 AM Flag

    What is Next??????

    I am sick of waiting , The court system in USA is much worth than in Third world. Time for them has no value. we use to say time is money.
    Every month we hear about a settlement but nothing happened. How long it will take to execute a settlement of 2 hundred thousands dollars? Even Netanyahu might freeze and stop new sediments in the west bank before NY courte end our settlement for ABAT.

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    • No worries. About $30 a share is next for abat. Don't listen to some of the negative non entities posting here. They are neither short nor long. Just keep your eyes on the prize $30 a share!

    • RE: "Every month we hear about a settlement but nothing happened."

      Only if you listen to twist.nrev do you hear that prediction. His real name is David Kupidlowski. Goog his name, than call him up and tell you how you feel about his lies. He is the only person in the USA with that stupid name. He is not even a college grad, he is a custodian \ maintenance worker at a hospital. He washes poop out of bedpans and puts bloody linens in the wash machine. I think he is in the SCEU or AFSME Union, and earns around $20 an hour. He thinks he is some kind of stock market genus, but he has lost his home, his Oriental wife, and 90% of his money on ABAT stock. He now rents a s-hole apartment, and has no life whatsoever.

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    • =Every month we hear about a settlement but nothing happened. How long it will take to execute a settlement of 2 hundred thousands dollars?

      You are listening to the wrong people and not verifying what the truthtellers have provided. The fairness hearing is February 21st and a final order will not come before the second half of 2014 IF everything goes smoothly and there are no objectors. It is not a sure thing this is over in 2014 and may stretch into 2015.

      16 months ago when twisty was saying it would be over in weeks, I said it was unlikely it would settle before the second half of 2013 and probably not until 2014. You can count on at least 6 to 9 months after the settlement is first proposed. Usually 4 to 6 months AT LEAST is what it takes after the fairness hearing.

      Nothing has changed in this case. If you chose to believe it was ending sooner it is because you chose to listen to the manipulators instead of those who have given you correct information all along. That is their game... they just need to get you to wait "a few more weeks". Before you know it... many months and years have gone by. Will you wait until 2015 or will you stop the madness? Your choice.

    • The law suit is settled except for 'rubber stamping' the agreement.
      If Pom tries to back out now then its not even classified as a 'class action' and they get nothing!!!

      So if you are a shareholder put pressure on ABAT to start the 'recovery' process. Contact their IR dept daily till they respond. There is no reason not to communicate anymore.

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      • Your right about mostly everything and one of the few major contributors to this board unlike some of the negative bitter non entities floating around here. I still don't think it's necessary to pound at the door of abat investor relations though. They will report in due time and you'll get your $30 a share that you and the rest of us investors deserve.

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      • Dear Sirs,

        ABAT does not have IR department no more. They fired Mr. Tim Clemmson Orange. They need to call shareholder meeting or shareholders need make it for them. Call Mr. Tim and ask him to recommend new IR people.

        They making a lot of money, paying taxes but not calling shareholder meeting until Final Order given.
        This is no right. They should communicating in touch with shareholders and auditing statements now that case has primary settlement.

        Wang PRC

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