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  • asalvato99 asalvato99 May 13, 2006 1:38 PM Flag

    Why I own SRZ

    I worked for Sunrise before the company went public. I didn't buy any stock when it was first offered but did keep an eye on it. Then a few years ago I started buying. Why do I own it and why did I start buying late?

    I bought in late because I was previously interested only in stocks that gave rapid returns; I don't honestly think SRZ does that--they are a long term investment. With the baby boomers starting to retire I believe we will see more and more communities from active lifestyles to nursing homes being built. The demand is there now and will continue to exist. I am now investing with a long term view so Sunrise fits my criteria.

    Why SRZ rather than another assisted living company? Because they are very smart and they were the first to being this concept to the US. They make mistakes as any new company will but their basics are sound and they do a lot of things right. They built their business with limited debt because they had a great idea that brought in capital. They treated their investors right while maintaining control so they could do what is best for the company. Mrs. K has a heart for the residents and she built a staff of professionals that were dedicated to the concept of assisted living. I have never worked anywhere else where the people running the homes and the company were so dedicated to the "mission."

    I am sure things have changed as they went public and have grown but I feel very confident that this company has a lot more growth and prosperity coming.

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