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  • puregamble5 puregamble5 Mar 13, 2009 3:05 AM Flag

    Compare SRZ, ESC, BKD .....and

    Thanks for the update to your SRZ blog. Glad to see you back. Excellent summary. So, from -$9.2M to +$19.25M on books for the Greystone deal.

    What more can we expect in next few days?

    Are you more optimistic about SRZ survival?

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    • Good morning, Puregamble:

      I'm quite sure you are going to find that "whatsup" will respond to you in the affirmative. He has this one figured out quite well. His analysis of the recent annoucement here at Yahoo confirms my own thinking. The last paragraph in his blog tells all so go back and carefully read it. I especially liked the last sentence of that paragraph with reference to the CFO. As I've waded through various investment opportunities over the last 30+ years, I can tell you that one thing certainly stands out. If you have outstanding quality at the top with incentives correctly placed, that's more than half the battle - - - and its especailly true with turnaround situations like this one. From my viewpoint, although high risk is still inherent in this situation, I think we can draw comfort from the fact that CEO Mark Ordan and his team will be pulling all the right strings in behalf of the shareholders. I'm therefore adjusting the chances of a successful re-fi here from 50/50 to 70/30. Today's trading session could well be a screamer from a volume standpoint as more and more investors gravitate toward the assumption that all is not lost here.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • Puregamble:

      there is no question of bankruptcy..

      SRZ paid 17.83 million in taxes in Q4 Dec 2008
      SRZ got tax refund of 34.74million in Q3 Sept 2008
      SRZ got tax refund of 9.81 million in Q2 Jun 2008
      SRZ got tax refund of 16.77 million in Q1 MArch 2008
      SRZ got tax refund of 22.02 million in Q4 Dec 2007

      This is the first time they are paying taxes in past 5 quarters..
      company is all set.. for positive news.. just be patient and if you get another chance to get in at low levels 35cents it will be a great opportunity.
      =happy investing