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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Mar 21, 2009 2:31 PM Flag

    RT: Question For All SRZ Chatboarders

    Folks, I think you have to ask yourselves why g.harrison took the time this morning to post such a negative commentary on SRZ's behalf. If you noticed, that message was focused almost entirely upon the past. Anyone that continues and continues to lurk here at the chatboard while advocating a sentiment indicator of "sell" has to be highly questioned. Why would anyone waste their precious time in such an effort. Very obviously, this person has an axe to grind and its not too hard to understand the motivation behind these frequent exercises. This person is pure and simple a basher for the shorts who continue to try to take this stock down. Well, I've got to tell you these bashing exercises are going to have a very limited and non-positive time horizon going forward. They are not going to work for very much longer. I think the vast majority of the chatboarders here are much too smart to swallow this dribble. Intelligent investors here are going to largely dismiss what has happened in the past with SRZ and focus their efforts and DD in a forward looking manner. Folks, the key to this investment and fabulous opportunity for wealth creation lies in the leadership of a highly capable new CEO and CFO team. I'm convinced this new team is going to make a huge difference in the way SRZ operates and that in time will turn the heads of the banking institutions giving SRZ a much more favorable outlook with a share price that matches the improved bottom line performance. In short, I'm quite certain the banking institutions are going to give SRZ some slack in the next few days while organizational re-structuring takes this outfit toward profitability. This is the only reasonable short term answer for all concerned parties.

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • Rt...sorry if I hit a nerve (it was my intent...and it worked!). I am not a short...but find it interesting that you and your colleagues gloat and pontificate like your opinion is better than anyone else, when in fact you really don't know what your are talking about...but that will only be realized in time. You post, someone else challenges your lame and overly verbose opinions and you piss your panties! Give us a break!

      You and others' position yourselves as an experts, and frankly you are not. I am a "basher," you are as a "pumper!" Big deal!!
      Reality (which you don't seem to like to face) is...not you or anyone else has the knowledge or ability to foresee what will happen! If one did...these crooks wouldn't be in the position they are in, now would they?

      Isn't it a free country...or do only your opinions matter?? My posting's contain fact...yours contain only opinion...all one need do is look at the number of times you use "I" in your postings to see you are self-absorbed and like to hear yourself "drivle." You never saw me post "sell" the way...past performance is the only way to predict the future potential. You are actually fun to play with!


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      • g.harrison:

        If you are not a short here, why do you persist with your very negative talk about SRZ?. It simply does not make a lot of sense. The vast majority of those that would take a negative viewpoint would state their case and then leave the chatboard for greener pastures. I'm certain very few people here take your trash talk very seriously at this point. Just know that you have exposed yourself very well. You are what you are - - - a "basher" with an agenda that supports those that want to crush the value of this stock. In due course, anyone following your advice is going to find themselves on the wrong side of fence while those of us who maintained the faith are going to be glorified in what will be a continuous rise in SRZ share value into the future which will lead to and exceed past valuation levels. Just know that when you talk of past performance as a guide to the future in this particular instance, you are without question driving down an investment road while looking into the rearview mirror. If you continue to look into your review mirror without looking directly ahead, you are going to wind up in a heap of rubble and that includes those that might follow your advice. That's the biggest mistake one can play in these turnaround situations. You have to keep your eyes and ears directed to what's happening now and how the current situation will effect the future. With highly professional and new top leadership at the SRZ helm and with what I percieve will be a loosening of credit going forward this year, the only reasonable assumption here is that SRZ will survive, prosper and make its shareholders (both short term and long term) smile from ear to ear. Time will prove that I'm right on this one.

        Cheers and good investing,

    • draymeyer Mar 21, 2009 3:33 PM Flag

      retiredtech, I generally agree with your statements. What perplexes me is why pumpers, dumpers and shorters would think their posts have any effect on share prices? I think many of the posts are sent by mischievous boy-children with elf-like intellects. Apparently they have never had a relationship with a member of the opposite sex(not counting their joy sticks) and never will. Sad.

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      • Draymeyer:

        I think your posting here this afternoon is right on the money. As you have questioned, whether these postings here have any direct effect on share pricing is a matter of debate. Sometimes I think they do and at other times I think they do not have any effect. In any event for what its worth, I enjoy the banter back and forth as it tends to keep me somewhat sharp with my writing skills. It also keeps me active when I don't have more important things to do around the house. But getting back to these postings, that's the public sector for you. It includes all types from clowns to screwballs to those that truly have something worthwhile to say and the styles of writing are extremely diverse. At this point and after quite a few years of posting at Yahoo, nothing ever surprises me anymore. Frankly, I accept it all with a grain of salt.

        Cheers and good investing,


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