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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Sep 10, 2010 3:48 PM Flag

    RT: We Are Marching Forward At An Increasing Speed


    Yes, I agree, $6.00 is in the bag given the support now behind this stock. Its really going to be highly interesting to see how CEO Mark Ordan handles SRZ from here. Will he sell the company, will he continue to lead it or will he bow out in favor of another highly seasoned professional with outstanding business acumen. Any way you want to slice this one up, investors carrying these shares under $5.00 will do extremely well for themselves.

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • what do you make of the absence of the barrage of short seller negative comment....usually they flood the board?? perhaps they are laying low and coverring rather than trying to drive the price down??? Im sure they will be back

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      • Sunshinekathy34:

        I believe the trash talkers at this chatboard are beginning to see the light. We already have several converts and there will be others to follow. Its simply an exercise in futility for them to talk this stock down at this point. The good news is starting to overwhelm them. Anyone playing the "short game" with SRZ at this point is asking for double trouble. In time, we may see them all on board with us "longs". And it may happen sooner than you think is possible.

        Have a wonderful weekend, Sunshinekathy34.

        Cheers and good investing,

      • Good to see you Kathy! I just got home with 5 minutes to spare to see the market. Happy to see SRZ on the rise and boy, had to laugh out loud when the resident stalker Trailertrash came looking for me. You'd think after two years of following me around on the boards she'd give up and go annoy someone else. Feeling good about SRZ and with one position under $5 and one just at $5 unlike the dumbasses that think I paid close to $6 - I'll be walking away with a profit at some point. Got time on my side.

        Have a great weekend.

    • Ordan will see this through some type of equity transaction. He has cleaned up most of the mess and now his only remaining challenge is securing a public buyer or a private equity situation. Either way, his time is winding down here, he will not be running this company on a long term basis.

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      • TomTaylor:

        I could not agree more with you, TomTaylor. The huge mess that CEO Mark Ordan inherented in Novermber of 2008 has largely been cleaned up but for a few more minor issues. He has everything going his way and that includes the support of the lenders. The superb job he has done can not be adequately described in view of the massive challenges he initially faced. This turnaround will indeed be measured in terms of great success. In view of his past track record at previous companies, its entirely possible that some type of buyout/takeover could happen and it could come at anytime now. Beyond that possibility, its also quite probable that SRZ's bottom line results given what will be occupancy rate increases could begin to show a profit within the next few quarters. That would certainly add fuel to the fire. I rate the probabiltiy of CEO Mark Ordan staying or leaving by the end of the year as 50-50. If he does leave, we can be sure the next person will be of professional caliber. The way I see it, the shares of SRZ will continue to go higher and higher from week to week. Its only a matter of time before we see this stock busting through the $5.99/share level.

        Cheers and good investing,