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  • spectre4000_2000 spectre4000_2000 Sep 29, 2010 4:28 PM Flag

    RT: Angiotech Pharmaceuticals

    What's your take on ANPI? I didn't see any posts over on the message board.

    email me directly if you want.

    I always appreciate your thoughts.

    Thanks RT

    I apologize in advance to everyone for doing this on the SRZ message board. I usually wanna barf when I see people do this.

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    • Spectre:

      My take on Angiotech Pharmaceuticals (ANPI) is that its a very speculative turnaround play with high risk - - - much, much more so at this stage of the game than SRZ. I view SRZ as a walk in the park at this point compared to ANPI. Nevertheless, if you are serious about the "potential" for making a return of magnitude and can stand the associated risk and extreme volatility, ANPI could be a very good choice. You will note the insiders bought very heavily into it some 12 months back and although they stopped their buying binge, they to a man and woman have not sold in the face of recent adversity. I expect them to resume their buying activities in the short term. Their new product pipeline is full of potential and from what I can see, its just a matter of time before good things surface causing bottom line results to improve significantly. I'm into ANPI strictly for the long haul (12 to 24 months). During the period of the last several months, the stock has exhibited weakness and I took that as an opportunity to load up to the point where I now have 78,000 shares under my wing at $.93 cents/share. A flurry of positive news announcements has pumped up its shares in recent days. If you have an interest in ANPI, I suggest that you do your own due diligence and decision making before leaping into it. Stocks of this type are not for everyones portfolio. If you dig deep enough into the archives under "retiredtechie", you will see my postings at the ANPI chatboard. Here is wishing you all the best.

      PS- If you want to bring up a topic that is not related to a specific chatboard such as this one, its best to headline it as "OT" which stands for "off-Topic". In that way, you will stay in good grace with the other chatboarders as long as you don't over extend yourself in that direction.

      Cheers and good investing,