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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Dec 16, 2010 3:45 AM Flag

    RT: Just Got Back From A Great Vacation

    For those of you who thought I had passed on or met some other terrible fate, not to worry. I'm back from a wonderful vacation in Hawaii with my family - - - and I have a nice tan to prove it.

    How about that SRZ in the interim? Perhaps I need to go on vacation more often to light a fire under this stock. My forecast of $5.00-$7.00/share by the end of this month looks well in hand at this point. CEO Mark Ordan and his talented team are doing nothing less than an outstanding job of reviving this fine senior care organization. I was able to relax extremely well during my vacation knowing that he will be running this ship into the future given the recent announcement about him. The guy is a miracle worker of the best order and we have watched him work his craft here at SRZ in an extraordinay way during the past 12 to 18 months. And to think these shares were selling at $0.27 cents at one point - - WOW - - - what a remarkable job he has done. I'm really excited about SRZ's prospects going into 2011 as I fully expect the stock to hit $10.00/share by the time the Q2/2011 quarterly report is released and that as I've hinted previously will be propelled by better and better operational fundamentals and a direction that will eventually take the company back into a growth mode. Yes, my friends, its onward and upward with SRZ to the "promised land" - - - $20.00/share within 12 to 18 months driven by low senior care housing supply and nicely increasing demand in the high end sector of this niche. Keep the faith. Buy and accumulate these shares now while they are undervalued relative to future potential and just sit on them. The reward will eventually be there for you to take to the bank. The baby boomer generation in future years will be heading our way and once that effect happens, its going to be "Katie, bar the door". There simply will not be enough high end senior care housing to go around. Some may laugh here but that in time will force these shares back up to former high levels - - - - and lets not forget this was a $40.00/share stock several years ago.

    Okay, I hope I've brought some relief to some of you who were concerned about me for the past 8 days. It time for me to get my bags unpacked and then its onward with the show here at the SRZ chatboard. Meanwhile, hang in there guys and gals as we continue our journey to the "promised land".

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • and he is kind of cute as well, there was a nice picture when they told his story in the n y times...... all favorable. he certainly has delivered and deserves the stock options and a home at srz where he is needed.

    • the snow drives people to florida . projections is florida is still gaining population and the mid west losing

    • Welcome Back RT! You caused quite a stir here. I am jealous of the Hawaiian Vacation, however if we continue to move forward here, I might just be able to spend a few weeks there myself. Merry Christmas!

    • Sunshinekathy34:

      Your comment about property beginning to move once again in Florida is certainly welcome news. I see the same happening here in the Seattle area. Once we get the same going nationally, its going to impact organizations like SRZ in a very positive way - - - and I'm looking for that to happen within the next 12 to 18 months.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • Sunshinekathy34:

      You have always been one of the smart ones here. You have it absolutley right. Follow the lead of CEO Mark Ordan. The fact he is staying with SRZ speaks volumes. He obviously sees gold at the end of the SRZ rainbow. And it appears he is staying for the foreseeable future given the latest announcement here at Yahoo. I'm sure his intent is to lead this organization back to where it was several years ago and then to take it ever farther given a few more years. I'm sure his announced stay here is a big part of the current upside rally. Investors have developed a keen sense of confidence in him over the last couple of years.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • RT,
      Welcome back. One question or comment: I believe supply is actually higher than u think despite lack of new-build ALFs, but that SRZ has had much better occupancy rates due to, IMO, better mgr, mktg and reputation. If u take a look @other operators u see lower, and in some cases MUCH lower, rates though supply is robust. but, with new consort slowed to a virtual halt with capital tight, I would expect some opportunities for new mgr contracts for SRZ in 2011. your thoughts...? I continue to be amazed by ALC pps running 65%...

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      • Jillsnow:

        Yes, its great to be back - - - especially with the kind of action we are now seeing here at SRZ and elsewhere.

        I expect senior care living space in the higher quality end, which is SRZ's special niche, to shrink substantially within the next 12 to 18 months. As you say, that supply may be somewhat over extended at this time, however, that situation is not going to last very long given the rate of new construction which is at an all time low. What you want to focus upon here with SRZ is a return to a growth mode. And CEO Mark Ordan has stated that is his mission several times in his conference calls and elsewhere. Believe me when I say he did not elect to stay on without that prospect in sight. His first order of business was to straighten out the mess the founders of this company put into his hands - - - and dare I say he is well along with that project. Once SRZ is totally resurrected, the banking community is going to be very happy to loan money for growth. With a very solid and extremely talented business professional at the controls, that growth this time around will lead this stock back to former high share pricing levels. Now is the time to load up on this stock. I hope you have your fair share tucked under your pillow. Its still an undervalued equity relative to future prospects.

        Cheers and good investing,

    • Welcome back RT. I kind of had a feeling you might be off somewhere enjoying your wonderful family. That's great. I'm leaving for Florida today and going on a cruise Christmas day through to New Years Day. This will be a new Christmas experience. I hope New Years Eve in the Keys is fun. Upward and onward SRZ.

      Happy Holidays to all the great folks on this chatboard.



    • welcome back we missed you

    • Option service recommending the July 2011 $5 calls. Institutions buying these calls. Expect price to double by then.

    • Welcome home RT, so glad you had a fabulous vacation in Hawaii while I feel I'm living in the new Alaska! You were missed here (and worried about!).

      I am so happy SRZ has been performing well and expect even better numbers going into 2011.

      Leaving for vacation this weekend, maybe the Bahamas will feel as nice as Hawaii! That's one place I hope to get back to again once my kids are older & can sit on the plane that long!!

      Merry Christmas.

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      • Good morning, Zqueenie:

        Take care and have a nice trip to the Bahama's. We will take good care of SRZ while you are away. I expect the stock to be heading into the deep 5's and then into the upper 6's in the next couple of weeks as the investment community anticipates a good Q4 report. Never lose the faith with SRZ. Its a solid choice for multi-bagger gains from this point - - - and the story here is only going to get better and better under the direction of CEO Mark Ordan.

        Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you.

        Cheers and good investing,

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