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  • msears99 msears99 Mar 25, 2011 12:51 PM Flag

    The trend is your friend

    SRZ held support.. big move after consuladation upward channel support. It looks great.

    CEO holds 1 million options @$3.89 so so he's in the money big time.

    S&P poors said high medicare re-imbursemnts rates will ofset any medicade cuts...

    next stop $16

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    • e o m.

    • Hi Kathy
      thanks for your thoughts, and just looking. holding EK, looking to buy more of REV and LVTV. ought to buy more SRZ, but so heavy now.
      take care.

    • big money moving into long call positions tells us something good is happening. the word is leaking out slowly. SKH did a massive move today SRZ is following in stride.

    • aside from the may 6 annual meeting and possible forward looking statements there is a possbile positive action due to index fund repositioning. srz was dumped by indexes when it went under 5 I think but now qualifies possible for more shares in the funds holding it or for inclusion in other funds as the winner of the year and market leader. this could add a very large buying interest from the 'quants".logic says srz is dramatically under-owned due to its close call. indexers alone could make the 20 rebound but for now we are testing the recent 12.27 highs. no reason I can see to not go higher ...chartwise

    • glad you are doing better rt if we can make a new high above the 12.27 mark it is not unusual technically to go 10-15 % higher. or 1.27 to 2.00.......this makes a technical target of about 13.50- 14.25....chart is ok for this within the bollinger bands,. just needs index buyers to add a million shares in april or a new follower . Im keeping my shares

    • Sunshinekathy34:

      Just to let you and everyone else here know that I'm still in the game with SRZ - - - but thats as long as the share price holds above $10.00/share etc. It feels good to take a breather from chatboarding and to simply become a "watcher" of this and other chatboards for awhile. Again, I have every reason to believe that CEO Mark Ordan will continue to improve the operational posture of SRZ going forward. The Q1/2011 report should point in that direction and hopefully we will get a nice share price boost out of it. Needless to say, that would make me feel a whole lot better. I feel its just a matter of time before "GROWTH" in revenue and earnings takes center stage. Once that happens, baring unforeseen negative worldwide events, we should be signed, sealed and delivered and well on our way to the "Promised Land" and looking at $20.00 to $30.00 share for this fine senior care company.

      Cheers and good investing,

    • felwin Mar 29, 2011 11:31 PM Flag

      agree with your comments.

    • Agree Kathysunshine....SRZ is the no. #1 stock of 2011, up 116%......Nice refueling stage, here on lite volume.....perhaps some shorts covering, but the move over $12 happens on Wed., IMO.....there will be resistance at $12, as we have tried several times within a week and stopped short at 11.97 & 11.95.
      Long SRZ

    • consolidate with low volume just below the recent 12.27 high and pop after the may 6 meeting .....or the ususal move before news and make it harder to play the game???

      I vote for new highs before and new highs after., how about you?? long term investors dont care.

    • srz is a leader and has resident base in place. all that is missing in this recovery is for Mark Ordan to predict 2 buck earnings in 2012 or even 2013. this completes the turnaround upon execution . 20 a ahsre is a 50 % recovery in an existing leading business. each new buyer helps move us along our way and make the chart work. well, I can dream cant I.?/ need to pay for lunch at the carlyle for the board and am aiming for october...wouldnt leave florida for lunch . average up??? srz is the stock of the recovery

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