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  • retiredtechie retiredtechie Mar 1, 2012 3:36 PM Flag

    RT: Get Used To It-I Plan To Be Here For A Long Time

    I know I irritate the vast majority of you at this chatboard and I'm sorry about that. I'm here to drive some good common sense into your decisions as they apply to SRZ. I'm a contrarian at heart. Know that you are on a very dangerious road if you are buying into todays SRZ rally. Its based upon very weak fundamentals that surely will take SRZ's share price downward once the dust settles. You never want to side with the masses in this game as it eventually will take you down and down hard. If you know what is good for you, avoid this stock entirely or take what you can from it and go to cash.

    Cheers and good investing,

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    • I still believe that he made a good amount of money trading SRZ and made the mistate of completely exiting from this scrip. He missed the boat because of miscalculating the the share price movement and delayed entering again. The more the price goes up the more he acts frantically hoping against hope to see the price go down to reenter. Instead of enjoying the windfall he made we see a miserable soul in RT trying to manipulate the share price and in the process he is a one man army against the whole market making himself a target of the redicule of many who appreciated his wisdom earlier. I feel sorry for him and would like to remind myself couple of things. Do not sell your position completely and do not wait for the bottom to reenter.

    • I know you plan to be here for a long time, but given your history, it is just a matter of days now that we hear of your next major health or family problem that will keep you away from this board for some time. I for one look forward to your wife's update after you have hit your head on the computer and are in the ICU with brain damage and the announcement that you will no longer be posting here.

    • Rt's version of common sense...

      Sell now before it goes to $10! LMAO!

    • you are a proven liar.

      You have demonstrated very poor understanding of reading financial statements.

      you have been miserably wrong at every step in your predictions for SRZ ever since you became a full time basher last fall.

      What is even ONE reason why anyone with any common sense whatsoever would listen to a word you have to say?

    • Without a doubt the WORST investor/trader I've ever witnessed. My GAWD,you can't be WRONG this much of the time yet YOU ARE.

      I'd be SO embarrassed by my actions over the last few months if I were you that I'd never show my face. I guess lonely trumps all eh???

      STRONG BUY!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Next week we will be trading in 9's....why sell now if more money is to be made. q1 will surely be better than q4, so that means we will be trading much higher.

      wake up from your dream rt....WE ARE NOT GOING IN THE SUB 4's....YOU MISSED THE TRAIN.