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  • waywol waywol Mar 29, 2000 11:17 AM Flag

    Buyback happening yet?

    While I like SNRZ at this price, I don't view the
    annoucements as very positive.....
    A. Looks like they're
    adding more overhead with all these new positions....of
    course they will all need more staff! As small as they
    are, this will affect earnings.
    B. They say they'll
    use some of the $75 million for the stock's a pretty poor practice to borrow to buyback your
    own stock!
    C. Institutional analysts aren't all
    dummies - if they're selling, there's a

    Would appreciate any thoughts. hpeter??

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    • I don't see the addition of a few execs to be a
      serious addition of overhead. Perhaps if they had this
      set up a few years ago, they never would have done
      the Karrington deal. Their stock is dirt cheap by any
      measure. Institutional types love buybacks. SNRZ is going
      the extra mile to demonstrate their belief that the
      Company is a great investment. Personally, I never
      thought very much of buybacks. The AL sector is still
      getting whacked. Look at SNRZ's brethren! I see this
      announcement as a non-event.

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      • I agree with your post, although I view it
        very positive that Sunrise is breaking
        separate operational units. This will clearly
        opportunities that exist within this
        industry for Sunrise,
        while assigning specific
        responsibilities to unit
        heads. I'm impressed
        with this move and with the
        companies strategy
        of sale/lease backs during growth
        stage. I also
        agree that this stock is very
        under-valued, but
        that will change.

    • Does anyone know what the cash flow is for SNRZ? Thanks in advance

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      • I agree with point "B". I question borrowing to
        buy ANY stock, especially one's own. My vantage point
        is that I am out of SNRZ at present, having dabbled
        in and out since I purchased a large position (for
        me)the day before the wreck in October and sold that for
        a loss. I would like to see how the market digests
        this news.