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  • joelew111 joelew111 Mar 2, 2009 1:21 PM Flag

    Question for partners

    A good gauge as to whether your company has integrity is this.

    Would you have a relative use your Uniform, Mat and Towel service if you could not be there to monitor the invoicing activity on the account?

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    • I made a post of Cintas being lying snakes~!
      I do not, nor have I ever worked for this nasty company~!

      They must have a training class on lying~!! They sure did in the Courtroom to me and the Judge it seemed that they had bought off.

    • Contract....???? It's perfectly hidden in the weekly route receipt with the "more info on page 2" having page 2 be only the back of the weekly route receipt. This is Deceptive Trade~! Black and White Theft with false Contract~!

    • When 60 month Cintas Contacts are written in 4/32" typle set hidden in the middle of a weekly delivery receipt, what is someone to think?

      Where is the signature line for this 60 month contract~?
      Only line to sign is at the bottom of the weekly Uniform count, that a customers signs every week.

      Where is there more info other that the very hidden small single line of,...
      ..."This is a 60 month contract"?
      It is on, what Cintas's calls page 2. But, page 2 is the back of the weekly delivery receipt, that no ones looks at.
      Under the State of Texas laws, this is "Deceptive Trade Actions".

    • I worked at Cintas for 7 years and here is the big shocker....Cintas is trying to make money.

      Cintas isn't a bad company and it isn't ran by bad people, well maybe that VP in the south that played football at Notre Dame.

      I just know that if you can be successful at Cintas in either management or sales, you will be successful where ever you guy because you know how to work your butt off.

    • First off, I dont need to lock in a contract, or pricing or profit. I am an ex-Cintas employee, and a bitter one at that. My dislike for the company is not how they operate their business, it is the way they treat their employees (partners) and are more concerned about avaiding law suits than treating their employees with fairness and respect.

      From my experience, each location is different. In my location, replacement garments were issued "new" "A" grade, possible B grade from inventory. "S" grades were never put in to service other than for temps if garments were missing or for new employees until their garments were available.

      As for the voluntary service, I didnt mean it was voluntary to get out of the agreement, it is voluntary to start doing business with Cintas. I wouldnt go to the extreme of saying "idiot customer" but in all honesty, it is their responsibility to be aware of what they signed on for. This is not a communist regime that is forcing service on people, as a business owner they have to protect their assets. If you are not able to wade through basic contracts and make the proper ammendments to protect your own business you should either retain assistance or you dont belong owning a business.

      There is no excuse for a business owner recklessly signing a contract where they do not understand the full picture of what they are agreeing to, if they do that is their mistake and shows their lack of responsibility.

    • Honest to God. I never worked a day for Cintas. As far as anger, I am just pointing out truths in Cintas business practices. If I am coming across as angry, I will work on my choice of words. I am trying to poke fun, which is common on these stock boards. I have no agenda.

      I spend time on this Cintas board because I trade Cintas stock. It used to be a very predictable range bound stock that was reliable to trade. Since it broke down it is a little more unpredictable. I like the lack of volitility in this stock and like to keep an eye on if it holds in a 10-20% range like it used to.

      Thanks for your concern and interest in my life though.

    • Joel what location were you fired from? Someone who spends so much time on a message board venting his anger has to be an ex employee. Even more dissapointing is you had to be a real loser or idiot to get fired in the first place. It was a pretty easy gig to keep..... You know I'll take back the idiot comment you really do express yourself very well.....ex sales?

    • I like the switch a few years ago from a invoice that disclosed delivered quantities so the customer could monitor their usage and also keep their costs down, to one that no longer supplied the delivery quantity information.

      I wonder why that change happened. Any ideas?

    • When garments are damaged, Cintas policy is to replace the garment with S grade, which is a garment that has been in considerable use in the uniforms are generally not issued until the end of the 5 year contract as a sweeteneer to renew....unless the driver has already been able to renew the contract without the customer noticing (another commong practice)

    • FYI I work for locations in Orange County, Long Beach, and West LA and litigating for breach of contract for customers trying to get out of their agreement was common. practice....regardless of quality of service! I worked for Cintas for a year and voluntarily left before I get accused of having been fired....In addition drivers were routinely asked to up prices whenever the branch was not living up to performance standards and they were taught to sneak these charges past their customers without them noticing. Lets face it, this is a messed up industry in general.

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