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  • insidejob2004 insidejob2004 Feb 23, 2011 3:12 PM Flag

    Is Scott Farmer a hypocrite?

    All during the attempt by UNITE and the Teamsters to organize Cintas, Scott Farmer preached "The right to say YES, and the freedom to say NO" He put out several tapes of himself, viewed by all Cintas partners discussing this. Chances are, right now, in your Cintas breakroom, there is a poster with these words posted on the company bulletin board. The meaning of these words are clear. Scott Farmer will support the right of Cintas Partners, if they so choose, to organize a union, but he will oppose a unions attempt to bully his partners into organizing against their will. This is a fair and reasonable position.

    Now, in Wisconsin and other states, the governor proposes to strip public employees of "the right to say yes". These politicians are all exclusively members of the Republican party, the party that the Farmer family has donated heavily to for many years. And so, Mr. Farmer the question is simple: Were you lying to your partners when you told them they had "The right to say YES"? Or is your party wrong in it's attempt to deny Americans the basic right to collective bargaining?

    Mr. Farmer may I make two suggestions. First of all a simple statement to all your partners letting them know "The right to say YES, and the freedom to say NO" is still the law at Cintas. Secondly, more importantly, I suggest your family withholds all financial support from any candidate of either party who takes the unreasonable and anti-American position of denying any American the right to collective bargaining. After all, Mr. Farmer isn't it true that the way you have run your company is the best way to a union-free environment?

    Remember in your father's book he is clear: "We don't care who's right, we care what's right". At this pivotal time in our nation's history, Mr. Farmer I urge you to remember: "The Spirit is The Difference"

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    • You're talking "apples to oranges" dude. Public employees are paid with taxpayers money. Every elected official has the fiduciary responsibility to spend that money wisely. Paying public employees a premium because they have a collective bargaining agreement is an irresponsible act. Why shouldn't he want to pay state employees for what they bring to the table? For what their job is worth in the community? I applaud the governor for having the, let's say WILL, to stand up and not be bullied by these unions.

      Farmer is definitely not a hypocrite. He stands by what he says and why in the world would he stop contributing to the political party he believes in? You don't seem to understand the way capitalism works. Contrary to what you may believe, America really isn't the "Land of Entitlement".

    • Scott Farmer is NO hypocrite! The glory days of the unions are OVAH!

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