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  • n59218 n59218 Apr 3, 2010 10:20 PM Flag

    A sense of calmness

    A sense of calmness pervades my mind when I think about my CRXX position now ...
    its a beautiful feeling ... like the spiritual revealation coming out of
    a meditational trance! Not unlike what I felt a year ago when I invested
    in the mouse around 16 and recently cashed out after making 100% and put
    some of that moola here. Why? Look at the beautifuly, slowly uprising
    chart just like what SQNM did for the past 7-8 months, or what SLV did
    in the past 12-14 months. The technical picture is solidly bullish, and
    there is no downside fundamentally from these levels. Some of my funds are
    presently tied up somewhere else, and as and when they would become free,
    I intend to accumulate this as much as I reasonably can. Part of the reasons
    is, right or wrong, but, my intutional sense after seeing a dream with
    some vivid imagery in it. Such co-relations have served me well in the past.
    First I could not understand it, but, then I cerebrated a bit on it and
    the connections started becoming clear. You see: after my initial small buy here
    past week, I am dreaming up climbing and even partially flying up on
    a mountain. While flying in my dreams, I look below at the ground and I
    see a number of intersections, one after another, going up on a curvy
    road, like the Lombard street in San Francisco! The only interpretation
    of this dream that I could come up with so far is: The intersections are
    nothing but crossings, and you could potentially abbreviate a crossing with
    a symbol like CRXX. And the street is going up the mountain ... you get the
    idea now: Its telling me that CRXX is going to climb up now! This might be
    the most spiritualistic wall-street story that you may have ever heard, but
    I couldn't help sharing the dream with you! Lets see what emerges out of all
    this and if there is part II, III etc. to these dreams! :-)
    Everything is coming together here now it seems, at least technically and
    fundamentally. Happy Easter!

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