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  • taxdemicco taxdemicco Nov 6, 2010 12:06 AM Flag

    Stocklaser reported to Yahoo....

    I have been made aware that Stocklaser has been reported to Yahoo for his abusive posts with many ID's containing a mountain of lies hyping the stock.

    A request has been made to remove his ID.

    I hope that this will clear up the board with more intelligent conversation and material true information.

    If others know of his multiple ID, please do the same reporting.

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    • Taxdemmicco, If you want to “clear up the board with more intelligent conversation and material true information”, quit posting.

      Can you prove that Lasar is using multiple ID’s? Can you at least provide anecdotal evidence to your claim?

      Can you provide examples of his “mountain of lies”, Can you provide evidence of even a handful?

      Lasar hypes this stock, why does that bother you so much? Every stock message board has people hyping stocks. Lasar is one of the few who provide links and sources to the information he uses to promote this stock. How he interprets the data is his business. Whether you choose to agree or not is your business, but personally attacking him and attempting to ban him from speaking his mind is not only juvenile, it is despicable.

      Most of us who choose to frequent these message boards are intelligent enough to know what is enthusiastic opinion and what is verifiable fact. For those who aren’t that smart, maybe they should be doing something else with their time... I suggest you find another method of investing your money as this is obviously over your head.

    • Go hire a stockbroker!

      If you listen to anyone who post on a bulletin board, you got to be insane.

    • sorry actually u have posted several but not many. You are not a long

    • ok...please give us your analysis...give us an informed post fundamentally and technically. I dont give a rat's as about lasar.I have never seen you here before.So funny. I wonder who u are. I didnt see anyone here complaining about lasar when the stock was above 1.40. In fact all u traders loved him. What bs.

    • Hey Azshwhole, what gives you the rigth to censor content I WANT TO SEE?????!!!

    • Aware of these multi nics but really what would u expect on yahoo? Investor Village is a better place to hang out but no ZLCS interest there yet !!!