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  • ctbradley11 Feb 11, 2011 10:26 AM Flag

    Why is it this board feels compelled

    to explain their "personal feelings / position"?? Are we now Psychologist!?

    Keep it simple, ZLCS is rock solid; I won't bore you with the obvious but know this; if you're holding ZLCS you're going to be just fine and personally I'd continue to add to your position.

    Peace out --

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    • Wrong again, takes one to act one. Smells like one, looks like one, acts like one, then it must be ORSKIE d' Okie!

    • If I am as what you say then my response is simply: "it takes one, to know one!"


    • Correction: you are here as a crapologist with a dash of extreme propensity for male body parts. Are you a phag, considering the innuendos and special partiality you blabber of the male appendage, oh grand self-proclaimed Messiah of the lost sheep?

    • .... What an awesome comparison.


    • Your point is well taken. A lot of people delude themselves into believing what supposedly in the know people say. Consider the German people following like sheep the propagandized Nazi Regime. Joseph Goebbels served essentially as the propaganda minister in much the same way as the person functioning under the alias "stockdaug" does.

      Up until the very end when the Third Army of Patton was rolling across West Germany, and the Russians were raping hundreds of thousands of women in the streets of Berlin, the news spoke of final victory for the German people.

      I am here to help the poor amateur who will get duped into believing no risk exists here if he/she reads to much of your bogus propaganda. And, it makes perfect sense!


    • in a bizarre way. its good when the shorts start showing up. it usually means weve been moving nicely and shorts dont think its sustainable without any knowledge of co.

    • Investing and trading is all to do with understanding the psychology of other investors, private and institutional, and anticipating what they may do, and then buying just before they buy, and selling just before they sell.

      Yes, you need to know the fundamentals of a company and whether its business is sound so as to determine the long term trend of the stock, and so that if you make mistake, hopefully you can float on the tide until out of trouble.

      Reading these boards gives a clue to sentiments of other investors, even though I know for a fact that people often post that which is not true. For example a personal offline friend of mine posted that he was long 5000 shares of a certain stock, when I knew that he actually had 460 shares.

      However why not explain what you are doing and what your positions are, because we sometimes get good feedback, and we are all here to learn information that will help us make money in the stock and option markets? So by disclosing and contributing to the board, you give something to get something back.

      Yes, you can just buy and hold, in which case you have no need to follow the stock closely at all. You can just take a peek once a month to make sure that all is well.

      To me the small gains in my IRA are very valuable. For example, the current rate for cash in my largest retirement account is 3% PER YEAR. When I sold 2600 ZLCS three days ago for $2.35 and bought them back the next day for $2.25 that was 4 1/2 % in one DAY, so to me and to many other people, that is very interesting.

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      • ctbradley11 Feb 11, 2011 11:02 AM Flag

        Gere --

        Buying a car, house, etc does play on the emotional elements of our human DNA but suggest that the stock market parallels with this process is out in left field.

        The purchase of a stock, one share or a million; should be based purely on the financial structure (the business model) of that company and the industries acceptance to what their selling....ZLCS could go up 1000% and my blood pressure remains the same -- as too if it drops 1000% - emotions have nothing to do with it.

        That being said, whatever makes you float; good luck.

    • You mention a worthy point. Yes, investing requires psychology understanding. For instance, I once owned an issue named Pacificare. I discovered it with 19 bucks a share in cash, no debt, and selling for 22-23 per share. It also possessed other splendid things. I made the buy. It took some time before the psychology of the market discovered that gem. The concept of throwing out the baby with the bath water equates to what you say as well.

      Perhaps the long hypsters here are very excited. Premature ejaculations bring disappointment to many parties however. Just keeping it real!


    • Word!!!