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  • stockdaug stockdaug Feb 14, 2011 11:37 AM Flag

    Major Surprises: Corrigan IS A BULL!!!

    I. Sodium channels - this is new news. 20 candidates! Corrigan seemed VERY positive that a NDA would come of this, and commented, "Stay tuned!"

    II. Z944 data presented - first time we've seen any data; he put it out there for all to see (emphasized safe for the heart); explained pain model data

    III. Collaborations "few others coming" "I will not disclose"... well there you have it! That's money for us!

    IV. Went into much greater detail than ever before on why Synavive will first target RA (appreciated this)

    V. Prednisporin: What can we say here? Corrigan was clearly bullish about the Sanofi relationship and cautiously optimistic as he has to be.

    Longest speech to date. Yes, there were some old slides but there were many new slides with important information. I think they have made great strides in moving forward and this was the most informative presentation I've heard in over a year.

    I give Corrigan an A-

    Well done BULL!!! He still could clean up his "uhs" but I noted that he intentionally paused between slides. Speech making aside, this was an excellent presentation. It bullishly got into some of the science and I like how he talked about the industry value of cHTS at Zalicus -- I see many positives coming out of this speech.



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    • ujunior Feb 14, 2011 11:43 AM Flag

      I have to agree, not bad this time. He is very techincal person, over most of our heads but better flow with his speech...

      A newer slide, GOOD

      All of Novartis library of drug - GREAT

      I got the impression BIG RED is GOOD to go - why would he mention P3 to start mid year - GREAT

      PPS, so far, holding up - GREAT

    • First time Corrigan has said that Sanofi bought Fovea mainly for their lead candidate "prednisporin". He also commented that sanofi continues to show prednisporin on their pipeline chart from their latest annual report.

      Without being able to say anything about results, he made a point of saying the above to assure shareholders the prednisporin is alive an well. These are my opinions of course.