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  • famoustankersley famoustankersley Jan 16, 2013 8:49 AM Flag

    I am calling for an up day.

    Just a gut feeling here but let's see. It may go down a little for another day but the stock seems to be coiling up right now. We have seen the dump and we may get one more dump article but then the pump will start. Lately, I have noticed that every dump article is immediately followed by a pump article. It's like two boiler rooms are waging war against each other. Likely some foolish drunken bet and we are caught in the middle. Watch all the new IDs pop up lately?????

    Maybe the warring factions are actually the same side and one side "surrenders" to the other? My gut tells me this has been driven down way too much and the upside has the better play. Afterall, Exalgo and CHTS establish a floor somewhere above zero.

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    • It's official: I am a #$%$!!!!!! Dropping lick a rock.

    • I agree, Famous.
      Lasar always bashes at or near the bottom, and always pumps maximially near the top if he can.
      As for me, any further drop will be another buying opportunity. Z160 will be huge, regardless of all the noise about everything else...and my best guess is that Z944 gets partnered soon...

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      • Ranger,

        I just don't know anymore on this stock. I called the Synavive failure but thought it would only drop $.25 or so. I never thought we would hit the $.40s. 32mg Exalgo approval to me made this a $2 stock. I figured CHTS and Novartis work added $1. I never could assign value to the ions but guessed $5 short term with phase 2 and maybe $10-20 with good phase 3. I think Corrigan never understood the value in tooting one's horn in today's society? Every other stock that I screened and picked has hit big. Like a dummy, I went all in on this one instead of spreading $$ it out on my top 5!

        I think this might be my last adventure into the stock market. So much more to be made in the real world. For example, I looked at a 4,400 square foot house two days ago for $23,000! I was like a puppy begging my wife to consider it. She thought it was ugly and I was like a little paint here and a few windows there and a little Granite in the kitchen....LOL Yesterday, my realtor buddy calls me up and says his buyer backed out on a small house on a large corner lot for $20k. The other 3 corners were zoned commercial in a high rent district. All I had to do was write the check. Too much on my plate right now. I need this stock at $2 right now!!!!