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  • linwardg linwardg Mar 18, 2013 8:29 PM Flag

    My 2 cents, from just observing over the last 6 months

    This stock is being purposely held down and my bet would be b/c of a partnership/buyout. It's too textbook. Stocks go up or they go down. If this stock was so bad, it would be nosediving (back to .40) but it's not. The opposite would be a "pump" to get it back over a dollar. But you don't have that either. Instead, you have some press every now and then; and the price might move .5 to .10 cents. But day by day, it flatlines back out to where it was. And then, .1 cent trades, and finally trading tenths with the robo trades. My bet is that there's someone who doesn't want the price to get so high, that they can't buy this company or do a partnership deal.
    And the bashers here are textbook as well. They don't scare me. On the 10th of March, Marpieslice was pumping this stock. Now he's public basher number one? Where have I heard that one before. Spoiler alert: Hype a stock up in anticipation of news, and when it doesn't deliver (like you knew it wouldn't); bash the hell of out it. Remember this, "It's not what he said, it's what he didn't say".

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    • You sound like a true believer? Just don't know? The silence is deafening!!!!!

      What really gets me is the increasing CHTS revenue from big pharma? There has to be added value there? Must be finding something???????

      Zalicus being silent for long time, even did not release Z944 PI result.
      Prednisporin now is idle under sublicence.
      Recently Zalicus officers got nice exit package for a reason.
      After Synavive failed investors do not come back to ZLCS.
      Under current PPS Zalicus will not be able to raise enough fund to continue ICBs clinical study.
      Big pharma can own Z160, Z944, Z212 and the whole ICBs pipelines, Prednisporin, CHTS for a fraction of 500 million Merck spent for only Z160 parntering.
      Big pharma run out of patents, need new drugs especially non-narcotic pain drugs. FDA is pushing to have non narcotic pain drug. Icagen bought out, Convergence partnering, only Zalicus left.
      Corrigan is negotiating with some big pharma for partnership or buyout!

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • This is not a very good stock.....Bottom Line! Buy out talks have been around for years & nothing. Decent Exalgo numbers & nothing. Rumors of partnerships & nothing. Traders wise to SA & message board pumps. Classic pump & dump, that's all it is. If this stock takes off, it won't be until next year. You can call me a basher all you want, but the charts don't lie.

    • Linward--
      I saw this kind of action over a year ago with GALE. They dropped it 1-2 cents per day for months, like clockwork...all the way down to 45 cents or so. Then, once accumulated, they untied the restraints, put out positive articles, and the price exploded to over $3 within weeks.
      The feeling I have now with Z is the same one I had watching GALE at that time.