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  • snapback7 snapback7 Mar 27, 2013 7:42 AM Flag

    Why is ZLCS so 'unfriendly" to shareholders???

    You would think a company that trades like a POS like ZLCS does would have a little more respect for their loyal shareholders. They do the minimum allowable by law. It is the worst investors relations effort I have seen - ever.

    It is very disappointing. Very unacceptable.

    And maybe the reason the company management is so incredibly hated.

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    • Snap: What exactly is it you desire them to say? Their changing the color of the paint in the bathrooms, the weather has not been good in Boston or maybe you would like them to tip their hand to the competition on other ICB's going through early stage research, maybe break the trust of their collaborators buy leaking their names. Or of coarse they could say something that would give the SEC a reason to screw up their"s and our lives.
      Give me a specific please.
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

    • Who hates the mgt? I don't, for the most part they have lived up to expectations. Go back and read the Q's most of what you "need" to know is in there. "It is the worst investors relations effort I have seen - ever." -- try SQNM and VNDA ( I can name many more if needed) on for size if you really think ZLCS is bad --- One flat out lied to investors and cooked the numbers and the other has bleed the company dry. ZLCS is middle of the road in small bio IR -- not the best but most certainly not the worst.

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      • Slug,
        I agree with you. The only hitch right now to me seems to be Z944 announcements and Managements failure to get out ahead of price decline since Synavive. A few real aggressive actions by Corrigan and we could have stayed above a dollar. He could have purchased some insider shares or at least announce he was forbidden to purchase at this time. There are lots of things he could have done.

        You know it, Jim knows it, I know it and so does every other businessman that is not a Physician. He needs to get out front and lead the rally charge. I am ashamed to admit how much I have LOST on this stock. The science is there.......Promote it!!!!!

      • How about USU 24+ to .36 today. Talk about a company destroyed, worse part about about USU is it really is a cog in the US national security machine and mgt has wrecked the company.

      • Had VNDA at $1.02-.82,then one morning I open the level II and ask is $10.50.Stupid me thinking,wow did they screw up the bid ask with that decimal point.That was a fun ride!

      • Slugboy - you have to be kidding me.

        Who hates the management????????????????
        Are you serious???

        The problem is when we read 10Q's- 10K's it ends there.
        The management team is inaccessible to ask a question. It looks like they are hiding.
        VERY few analysts on the street follow a company that simply files their docs.