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  • scistats scistats Mar 29, 2013 3:27 PM Flag

    Z944 News.

    Based on review of prior Phase 1 results for Z944, we have reassessed the commercial profile for this molecule and have made the decision to continue its development under a sublicense agreement to be entered into with a third party. Zalicus will sublicense rights to develop and commercialize Z944 on a global basis and receive royalty payments in the future should Z944 be advanced further. Focusing our attention and treasure on the continued advancement of Z160 remains our primary goal. To fully finance the Z160 program a decision has been made and the agreement modified with Hydra Biosciences Inc to sublicense our sodium channel interests. Thought leaders in Florida agree that Z160, if successful, will make anyone reading this post on a holiday weekend either wealthy or poor to the degree to which they have invested.

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    • Daug,
      It's just this kind of blatant outright fabrication that landed you in trouble at SA. What are out while waiting trial? Please go back under your rock. Things were just fine around here without you!


    • Sci: I'll go one better than Wild, this is pure BS. For starters you provide zero source, second 944 and 160 are for different pain treatments third without an SEC filling they would never make these statments.
      Your into you 3 day weekend howl and melt down. When will you learn some new tricks. The Circus is in town.
      Jim Long and calm

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      • Jim, it is more complicated than giving Z160 for one "pain" and Z944 for another.

        T-type and N-type calcium channel blockers DO NOT have distinctly different roles. Pain perception is not like wiring in your house, it is more like a spider's web.

        On the Zalicus website, in the video of the spinal cord pain perception pathway, they explain that N-type blockers block calcium channels at the dorsal horn and that Z160 works in this way. Z160 is an N-type calcium channel blocker. But, what about the T-type blockers and your claim that the two have completely separate indication and that only N-types are involved at the dorsal horn.

        I will quote a recent journal article to make my point:

        "It is generally accepted that presynaptic transmitter release is mainly regulated by subtypes of neuronal high-voltage-activated Ca2+ channels. Here for the first time, we examined the role of T-type Ca2+ channels (T-channels) in synaptic transmission in the dorsal horn (DH) of the spinal cord using patch-clamp recordings from acute spinal cord preparations from both rat and mouse." "These studies provide previously unknown information regarding the role of presynaptic T-channels in nociceptive signaling in the spinal cord."

        The Journal of Neuroscience, 4 July 2012, 32(27): 9374-9382

        In other words, Prialt works within the spinal cord, but for the MANY PATHS leading to the spinal cord, Z160 alone may provide only partial relief because of the spider web of ways to deliver the pain signal, one other being T-type calcium channels IN ADDITION TO N-types.

        Of course I think Z160 can give us some bang for our buck or I would not be here debating. However, Z944 is Snutch's less favored molecule for a reason. It may make a good combo followup for Z160+Z944 or Z944 may have applications for cancer.

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    • Spam!!!

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      • 1 Reply to wildbullus
      • Oh come on Wildbullus, don't give me the "its Spam!!!" #$%$.
        It is the reality on the ground at Zalicus.
        Z944 is not Snutch's favorite molecule. Both are for pain.
        If Z160 is superior, which would YOU take?
        Z944 is an oral T-type calcium channel blocker and Z160 is an N-type.
        Z944 is a pipeline stuffer and talking point. Z944 = SPAM!!!!!!!

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    • How credible is this?

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      • mzuro,
        Be very, very careful. Nothing that sci,daug,laser, is credible. He sounds like he knows what he is talking about but read very carefully and do you own research. Most of do not believe it.


      • Mzuro,

        Corrigan, Renz, and indirectly Snutch have made it perfectly clear that Z160 is the favorite molecule. Exalgo, Prednisporin, the sodium channel blockers, cHTS, Z944, and the other ion channel candidates are either not profitable enough to sustain the company, not effective, or too developmental to factor into the bottom line needed to maintain the company as its transitions to the lesser NASDAQ Capital Market. This is a Z160 make or break situation. Expect results in Q4. They are always late. Z160 is the favorite molecule, making Z944, by default, inferior in the eyes of Snutch.

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