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  • scistats scistats Mar 30, 2013 2:42 PM Flag

    Jim: Feb 12th, minute 5:28, Terry Snutch's favorite molecule is Z160

    Go to the Zalicus website past events
    BIO CEO and Investor Conference
    Tuesday February 12, 2013 9AM
    Go to minute 5:20. I quote:
    "Terry Snutch has always said that this (Z160) is his favorite molecule."

    They are completely lost with Z944. They will proceed methodically and cost consciously only when thought leaders in Florida figure it out. There is only ONE Z944 slide in the presentation. ONE slide. And I assure you that Z944 and Z160 have some overlap in target tissues, and you will be hearing more about this in future presentations given by Zalicus if Z944 is maintained as a candidate.

    For now, for the future of Zalicus, Z160 has to work.

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    • Sci: Yes Renz said that, he also explained where they are on 944 and sodium blockers. There is nothing to indicate that they have anything but good feelings about 944 and tha sodium blockers. To state that " They are completely lost with 944" is foolish at best and only comfirms your already diminised stature as an authority in this field.
      Just the typical 3 day weekend ranting of a mad DAUG.
      Jim Long and calm

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      • Jim, you just asked in your previous post for proof that Terry Snutch had a favorite molecule and that that molecule is Z160.

        I have provided you with proof, and now you agree but still insist that somehow Terry's partiality to Z160 is not factual?

        The reason Terry does not like Z944 as much as Z160 is that it is a lesser contributor to pain signaling and will likely play a role combined with Z160 down the road.

        Furthermore, thought leaders in Florida may see a future for Z944 in cancer or seizures. There are a number of reports supporting an association between T-type calcium channel blockers and cancer:

        1. Functional role of T-type calcium channels in tumour growth and progression: prospective in cancer therapy.
        2. T-type voltage-activated calcium channel Cav3.1, but not Cav3.2, is involved in the inhibition of proliferation and apoptosis in MCF-7 human breast cancer cells.

        Or epilepsy: “We still don't know whether this favorable activity is due solely to the blocking of Cav3.2 channels since Z944 and Z941 also block other isoforms of T-type channels,” Dr. Snutch said. “Regardless, that the compounds do not appear to affect other types of ionic conductances tested points toward the notion that state-dependent T-type channel blockade is sufficient to effectively attenuate absence seizure activity.”


        "Although Z941 and Z944 appear to show promise as treatments for absence seizures, they have a long way to go before they displace ethosuximide and valproic acid as first-line treatments, cautioned Jacqueline A. French, MD, professor of neurology at the New York University Langone Medical Center, co-director of epilepsy research and epilepsy clinical trials at the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center, and Fellow of the AAN."

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