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  • bigwithz944 bigwithz944 Apr 8, 2013 8:35 PM Flag


    Could it be that FDA grants fast track for Z944 epilepsy.
    Remember they said they were in talks with FDA

    Remember the patent (8,377,968) just awarded stated...
    The invention claimed is:
    1. A pharmaceutical composition comprising a compound having the structure: ##STR00659## or a pharmaceutically acceptable salt or conjugate thereof in admixture with a pharmaceutically acceptable excipient.
    2. A method to treat epilepsy, said method comprising administering to a subject in need of such treatment an amount of the pharmaceutical composition of claim 1 effective to ameliorate epilepsy.

    Media Release | Feb. 15, 2012
    New drugs show promise for preventing “absence seizures” in children: UBC research
    A team led by a University of British Columbia professor has developed a new class of drugs that completely suppress absence seizures – a brief, sudden loss of consciousness – in rats, and which are now being tested in humans.
    Absence seizures, also known as “petit mal seizures,” are a symptom of epilepsy, most commonly experienced by children. During such episodes, the person looks awake but dazed. The seizures, arising from a flurry of high-frequency signals put out by the neurons of the thalamus, can be dangerous if they occur while a person is swimming or driving, and can also interrupt learning.
    Available medications don’t completely control such seizures in many patients. They also cause severe side effects, including sleepiness, blurred vision and diminished motor control.

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