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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 Apr 27, 2013 1:48 PM Flag

    "One Big Holiday"

    IF-----THE IONS HIT! Man---that live version of the song....holymoly,sportsfans--dwiddley,dwiddley.....

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    • Tab, Justin said the Merck study had some patients who had over 400ng/mL; they had analgesia. Now with increased 6 fold bioavailability, Z160 over 400ng/ml is not an issue. So do you think Z160 has a high probability of positive in this P2 trial?

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      • "SOME" patients had analgesia from 400ng/mL NMED160...HOW MANY JUSTIN?

        HOW MANY?

        He is holding these cards awfully close to his chest. We don't know how many. Its all caveat and hoc de BS.

        Also, we have mysteriously not seen Z160 vs. NMED160 animal pain data.

        DOES the 6X increase in bioavailability mean something, or do the animals responds the same, thus leaving us with a 6 fold increase to nowhere.

        Again Justin does not SHOW us the animal pain data comparison.

        These two tid-bits suggest FAILURE, but this is why the stock is near 50 cent and why we hope our strong suspicions are wrong.

        But, the lack of forthcomingness and Jim's steadfastness that NO ONE would share such valuable data (despite the fact that they already shared the bioavailability data) makes it all a little stinky.

        Justin expects ONE trial to work...ok then it must be the back pain trial because the other trial has been modified to attempt to correct an error that allowed the inclusion of patients not on pain meds who would obviously not have pain, making Z160 exactly equal to the placebo in these patients without pain...what else would you expect.

        All signs points to management milking this stock for bonuses and big paychecks. But, I could be wrong, and that is why I and YOU are here. You know all of the above but choose to ignore it, hoping they are not going to pull another Synavive on us.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Wild---if we knew for sure---TTMA AND "ONE BIG HOLIDAY"!! Should be a go Zalicus theme song!
        Chevelle--sounds like the Z timeline---but who gets to the plate first? My eyes are totally on LSR-3RD QTR--If its to be--that I would think is our winning horse.....

      • chevelle_69 Apr 27, 2013 2:17 PM Flag

        Did you guys see Convergence PR a few days ago?

        Convergence Pharmaceuticals Limited, the company focused on the development of novel and high value analgesic medicines for the treatment of chronic pain, today announces that it has started a Phase II proof of concept study with CNV2197944 in pain associated with post-herpetic neuralgia (PHN). Convergence is conducting the development of CNV2197944 on behalf of Calchan Ltd.

        The trial is a randomised double-blind, placebo controlled, phase II study to evaluate the efficacy and safety of orally administered CNV2197944 in patients with PHN. The primary endpoint of the trial is the effect of repeat oral dosing of CNV2197944 on the pain experienced in PHN, as measured by the Pain Intensity Numeric Rating Scale (PI-NRS), after three weeks, compared to baseline. The study is expected to conclude in 1Q2014.