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  • steelingmoney steelingmoney Apr 27, 2013 11:35 PM Flag

    Jointly owned Intellectual property with Novartis

    An excerpt from their 10Q- Novartis buying out their Chalice CHTS division just makes sense with all of the jointly owned IP. Hopefully hear something next week.

    The library to be screened under the collaboration consists of certain Novartis oncology compounds and compounds from our library of approved drugs and other molecules. Novartis will own and have an exclusive license to intellectual property generated under the collaboration to research, develop and commercialize their approved or active development-stage compounds. We will own and have an exclusive license to intellectual property generated under the collaboration to research, develop and commercialize compounds from our library. Intellectual property generated under the collaboration using certain compounds from the Novartis library will be jointly owned by Novartis and us and non-exclusively licensed to allow each party to research, develop and commercialize product candidates

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    • Ranger: I agree on the 160 results and feel good myself about 944 working out OK. As to the cHTS/UHTS program I subscribe to an old school business approach "dance with the one, (in this case ones) what brung you". I believe that its long term potential is enormous for collaboration, contract services and in house discovery. It took me a while to embrace that belief as I originally thought it was just a fringe activity. With all the folks trying to get their own libraries loaded up it appears the approach is here to stay.
      Jim Long and calm

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    • Steel: If Z sold the cHTS program there would be one disappointed soul in Texas/Michigan. The program and similar ones are game changers as relates to the initial discovery process. I'm not saying it won't happen, and I don't think it will, but I certainly wouldn't want to see it happen.
      Jim Long and calm

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      • Jim, the way I see it is they have a scientist who in quote " was the first to describe the molecular basis for the diverse types of clinically important calcium channels expressed in the cardiovascular, endocrine and nervous systems. Inventor on over 200 issued and pending patents".

        I am fairly certain that he has cherry picked much of the knowledge and valuable patents to discover and develop ion channel drugs. Most importantly in my opinion is the "state dependent" approach that goes head on with the risk that everyone fears with ion channels.

        Their website explains their expertise and with Terry Snutch behind the science: it makes clear sense that they are onto developing a whole new class of drugs and selling the CHTS piece of Zalicus was the plan from the beginning to fund these great discoveries. Why on earth did they purposely establish a second legal entity for the old Combinatorx business?

        -The Zalicus approach to Ion channel discovery identifies state-dependent Ion channel modulators to achieve analgesic efficacy with superior selectivity and safety profiles.

        -Increased (high-frequency) neuronal activity in neuropathic pain drives channels into an inactivated channel state that can be selectively antagonized by our compound.

        -Compounds designed to target the inactivated channel state will selectively modulate neurons undergoing high-frequency firing while sparing low-frequency firing neurons where channels may be predominantly in the closed state.

        -The Zalicus Ion channel targets are well-validated in the treatment of pain.

      • Jim--
        Selling cHTS would only occur if they are 90%+ sure that they struck gold with the ICB's. Otherwise, they'd have to keep cHTS to keep hedged and diversified.
        So while it may be disappointing at first, selling cHTS would be the first clue from the company that
        Z160 results will be very positive.