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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 May 2, 2013 12:46 PM Flag


    Apparently was written before Novartis renewal---let's see if the market does anything with it...


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    • chevelle_69 May 3, 2013 9:22 PM Flag

      Mention of FOV1101 on Motley Tool today.

      3 Promising Treatments for a Surprisingly Common Health Problem

      Reducing red-eye
      If your eyes become itchy and tear up easily along with other allergy symptoms, you probably have an allergy-associated condition called allergic conjunctivitis. One drug in development might be able to clear those red eyes up, but don't count on its availability anytime soon.

      Zalicus initially developed Prednisporin. The small biotech licensed the drug to Fovea Pharmaceuticals in 2006. Fovea was later acquired by French drugmaker Sanofi (NYSE: SNY ) . Clinical studies of Prednisporin conducted in 2009 and 2010 were very positive, but the drug seemed to languish after that point.

      In October 2012, though, Sanofi announced that it had reassessed the potential for Prednisporin. That potential was seen as promising enough to move forward with a late-stage clinical study. The catch was that Sanofi intends to sublicense the drug to a third party, which has yet to be identified. Now it's a waiting game for a phase 3 trial to begin.

    • I enjoyed Jason's article but my one comment is that he's basing a split based on the current price. If the news is released prior to the October listing deadline then the share value can be worth more than his projection of $6/share. Or it may not even be factor and the other amendment goes into affect regarding shelf offering.

      IMO, I'd just like to see the company get bought out by Merck if the trial continues to exceed expectations. They are going to need a big marketing partner anyway (like MNKD) so I agree with valuation of 6-10 times current market cap - $3.5 to $5/share at this time and higher if the trials go extremely well.