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  • wildbullus wildbullus May 14, 2013 11:29 AM Flag

    2012 Annual Report on R/S and Dilution

    I am long for this stock, not a basher. But in 2012 annual report, something made me conerned. It looks like Management holding on advancement of Z944, and setting the base of R/S and issueing 100 million more shares? Are they expecting some bad result? Just like before Synavive failed, they issued ATM to collect money?

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    • Wild: Its the opposite. They are expecting good results and are positioning themselves to carry the development through 2015.
      As to the RS they are making certain that if they need to do it they will have that ability. I'd bet they won't have to do it but they may have to.
      When it come to the 100 million shares that's a commonly used move by small cap developing companies to allow for future liquidity. Id say its 75/25 they won't do it, at least in the short term.
      Jim Long and calm

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      • Jim, thanks for answer my concern. Are you saying even after Z160 P2 positvie, Corrigan still does not patner with big pharma? I do not think Zalicus can push Z160 all the way to the market without big Pharma help. I am still wondering why Corrigan still holds on Z944 P2, not have enough money? I hope ZLCS can go up to $1 with Z944 P2 news. and then up to 1.5-2.0 on expecting Z160 P2 positive result!

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    • Sorry. I've seen this message already by you.
      Copy and Paste?

      In the reality there will be No RS and Not Dilution although they must point out them


      I'm accumulating. $0.64 is just so funny LoL