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  • one1badbilly one1badbilly May 20, 2013 5:07 PM Flag

    jackass flies a good sign

    played many a small cap bios, whenever there is an abundance of jackass flies it''s always a good sign, a nuisance, but a good sign, hang in there

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    • Proof of a Higher Power

      It is in the irony of the jackass fly. And their uncanny attraction to high value goods. Spending their life long day proclaiming via their load and continuous buzzing (to all, who can't help but listen or at least witnes the virtual swarm) "this is a manure pile, that's why I'm here"!

      But the jackass fly, while appearing to come ever so close never actually partakes of the manure! Instead at the last moment swerves off professing the stench too great with the very speed ferocity of its recoil. What possibly could explain such a profitless vigil? There has to be a higher power, a for profit higher power making up to the jackass fly for its profitless efforts. Yes, I'm a believer in higher powers, these are unmistakable a signs. Give it up for the jackass flies and their higher powers, sell low and buy high!

    • Addendum: How to identify a Jackass Fly Pupa

      1) Click on the prospective pupa's handle, read the join date and posting statistics (upper left hand corner)

      2) If the prospective pupa is less than two months old and has posted over 10 posts per day average, this pupa is a jackass fly. Again, a nuisance, but a good sign.

    • How to swat a jackass fly:

      Click on the prospective jackass' handle, divide the number posts by the number of membership months, if the quotient (result) is greater than 100 you have swatted a jackass fly!