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  • genetz2003 genetz2003 Jun 7, 2013 9:05 PM Flag

    8% Drop For The Week Ending 6/7/13

    As usual, the market is up for the week and ZLCS is down over 8%.

    ZLCS has been one of my worst performing stocks since 2000 when I got into the market.

    I found ZLCS on the SNY board in the fall of 2010, watched it for several months, then bought it at $1.96, watched it rise like Botecelli's portrait of Venus rising from the Sea to $3.21, put my finger on the trigger, but hesitated long enough to keep reading the Daug's input. Being a detective, I should have detected Daug's scam, but, he seemed to know what he was talking about so I took my finger off the trigger.

    Unfortunately, I failed to bail when ZLCS blew 8% below my buy in (I made a typo on that figure, input .96 instead of $1.96, which will now cost be a bundle).

    I had been hoping for almost a year that this POS would rise above .90 so I could get rid of my .71 and .80 holdings, but, it is clear no one is going to buy this garbage. .

    I''ve read the old story on this page a million times that it takes a lot of time for a bio to make money, but it has been about twenty-six months since it hit a high of $3.21 (April 2011) and began a plunge, so, I doubt there is much air in this balloon to make it rise, even in the next year.

    Someone please buy my .71 and .80 so I can get the heck out. I will eat the $1.96 and learn the lesson to double check my typing.

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    • I think people are wise to General Patton and see how he is FOS. He's been posting the same old stuff month after month. He and all his other ID's spin this day in and day out. Like I've said before, Exalgo, Prednisporin & Synavive should of had this well over a buck!

      • 2 Replies to vaquero_chapas
      • Mr. Vaquero, I don't know if you were referring to me in your response, however, if you were, then I suggest you look at the date my moniker was registered with Yahoo and by doing so you will clearly observe I have been here a long time and only have one moniker.

        That said, because ZLCS has consistently been a loser for me for a couple years, when the market surges and ZLCS plunges significantly, (8% is significant to me) then, if I have some free time on Friday when I am evaluating the status of my stocks, I may make a posting.

        I have been reading the same-o-samo-o refrain about how Exalgo, Prednisporin & Synavive should make ZLCS pop, but all I have seen is a drop.

        Yes, I would like to see a pop because I have (had) about 20k invested, ("had" translated into loss), but, ZLCs has the look of not only a broken stock, but a broken company.

        These are just my opinions and I make them because I put 20k into ZLCS and to date that 20k has diminished significantly.

        So Chapas, think, have the facts before you utter an opinion. I am no Daug!!!

      • Better watch out for an acquisition. You could wake up to a major loss...shorty! I've seen millionaires go back to work driving me around in the mornings while complaining how they got caught....hahahahha!