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  • garrettklein87 garrettklein87 Jun 24, 2013 11:47 AM Flag

    trend line

    new trend line set for ZLCS in beginning of May ... doesnt look good

    if i had to guess the board will reverse split as Jason had predicted, sometime this quarter

    hopefully they'll have some more to share in the August conference .. im thinking they might try and run the PPS up prior to a reverse split.. similar to AEZS .. imo

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    • Garrett---The new bear?? lol....I disagree here---I'm sticking to the "no r/s" unless substantive news otherwise.... Chicago in 7???---If no run-up---Tab would be worried....I want that run-up-dang it!!!

    • Hey, Garrett--
      It's still the 2nd quarter for a few more days, so I assume you mean reverse split in the third quarter,
      If we do get a run-up, it's a tough call whether to sell into it. It could be like AEZS, as you said, or it could be a pre Z-160 run-up with good news on the horizon....

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      • lol yep thanks for clearing up .. reverse split is priced in around the .40s, i say management just move forward with it (since the stock price isnt responding to any news) ...

        then, once august comes around they can start promoting z160 more once they have a better idea on what the succesful trial is looking like ... from the presentation, almost seemed as if they weren't sure with lsr, and leaning towards phn

        who knows .. it's a buy in late august or September IMO

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