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  • ranger43a ranger43a Jun 27, 2013 2:38 PM Flag

    OT: Jim...

    We're sitting on 2 time bombs, I think.
    ZLCS and NWBO...
    I just need one of them to explode... lol

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    • Ranger: I have to hang my head in shame, I chickened out on NWBO, the 8 employee thing scared me. But I'm hoping you slam it. I am it watching however and if I see the right indicator I'll go for a medium sized position.
      What's your take the better than normal ZLCS volume today with the almost non-existent L-2 B/A's?
      I'm not a really hip to all that stuff I watch it just to see if some one wants to shake things up. But today is odd enough to get me curious.
      Jim Long and calm

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      • 2 Replies to pattonjim95
      • My guess is this might be the beginning of a "walk-up" before the reverse split. God knows, we were walked down 1-2 cents per day for weeks.... So now they are nudging the price up, hopefully in the $0.60's or higher?? The volume would have to be a lot higher for me to believe that there's good news soon...
        As far as NWBO, it's a Hail Mary pass. LOL. Gotta try one of those once in a while...

      • IMO ... this is a "be carefull" kinda L2 day. At 9%+ it will get some press over night, and the MM are trying to generate momentum. No news, no reason for low volume run up in pps.... just a set up for a run into the low .6's. FWIW. Now if news comes out while the momo is going in a positive direction .8's are not out of the quetion. No news, we get the slow bleed from the mid to low sixties. How is that for putting my neck on the block with a prediction..... I'm either a hero or goat with this call. Fingers crossed we get the momo traders in on Friday.

    • Tick.Tick.Tick................Long as its green!!!!!

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