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  • meesooo007 meesooo007 Jun 28, 2013 10:54 AM Flag

    Starting to warm up to ZLCS.

    ARNA kind of sucks. Chart sucks now. I have spent the past 10 years trying to get even. Aint happening.

    ZLCS looks higher.

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    • Here is my pep talk about ARNA. 1)looks to be setting up as a good trader (just like ZLCS) for the time being. 2)They have an approved drug that like ZLCS is partnered. 3) Chart is not broken, in a range, just like ZLCS. 4)News is what will drive the pps, ARNA- scripts and revenues, ZLCS - ions. 5)Approved drug with negative earnings, sound familiar? 6) Once a drug is approved it becomes a different game, going from developmental to a "real" company that is expected to have positive earnings and will get hammered until that happens. 7) Both will require time to see how things shake out.

      You have changed your time line on ARNA from a few months to December, what is one more year to play it out? Hero, Goat or Quitter.... the call is yours --- if you believe in the potential stick with it (hero or goat), if not bail (quitter -- some time a good move some times not).