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  • adviser_nz adviser_nz Jul 9, 2013 1:10 AM Flag

    Catalyst not gonna happen

    1. RS is imminent... face it..
    2. Z160 is still 4th Quarter.
    3. The rest of the pipeline is mostly mothballed. It would be miraculous that prednisporin gets a pulse.

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    • chevelle_69 Jul 9, 2013 9:37 AM Flag

      R/S approved more than a month ago. What are they waiting for?
      Perhaps news is imminent and/or run up to phase II results will push the price up over a $1.

    • Once the R#$%$ the shorts will have a field day with this puppy. Could go down to 20 cents.

    • Sir I completely disagree with you.

      Z160 is 4Q as well as R/S time limit is

      ZLCS current valuation is a pure joke considering what kind of news it's expecting.

      If Z160 and then Z944 suceed in their current phase then we have a 10 bagger

      Now Sir, what make you think that a 2x can't happen any time with no news at all?

      You have been around enough to understand that it's not only probable but almost sure..and I assure you I've been around more than you..

      ZLCS valuation is going to be revised in the very few weeks and it will happen in 2-3 days.
      After that the current level will be over $1.

      Zalicus’ Z160 for Chronic Neuropathic Pain Selected is selected as a Top 10 Project to Watch.

      $1+ is imminent

      Watch and learn dude

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • 2 Replies to stockreactor
      • dreaming no volume no interest NO ONE CARES

        you ;lose

      • I am riding the fence on this one. I neither subscribe to " RS is imminent" nor do I believe you have provided any evidence that success is imminent...I don't care how long you have "been around". Look at your own statements..."IF Z160 and then Z944 succeed"..."WHAT MAKES YOU THINK that a 2x can't happen"..." it's not only probable but ALMOST SURE" ..."Zalicus’ Z160 selected as a Top 10 Project TO WATCH." Tell me, where in all that conjecture is any modicum of fact to base your pseudoguarantee of success other than " you have been around"? I have " been around" as well; certainly long enough to know that no drug is a guarantee until it is stamped "approved" by the FDA. If you have been around as long as you claim, you would know all this and provide something other than conjecture to support your contention of "almost sure." These like all drugs are a risk...plain and simple. There is no getting around that. When it comes to is legalized gambling, so invest what you can afford to loose and hope for the best when you pull the lever, roll the dice or spin the wheel.