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  • allan.brantley allan.brantley Jul 9, 2013 3:37 PM Flag

    What's up boys!!!

    Been lurking for some time now trying not to get caught up in all this nonsense. Bottom line with ZLCS is you either have a winner in Z160 and/or Z944 or you don't. As of now, i have everything i own vested for well over 1 year, and some even at 2 years plus. I'm not in this for the peanuts like a bunch of these folks around here are. If you have nothing better to do than spend all day and all night posting nonsense on this board to bash and/or pump, then you don't even have enough skin in the game to even be considered a player. It's called flipping for pennies.... Don't get me wrong as i understand that this is how folks make their living, but to consistently sit here and spout off about nothing is just crazy. If you are looking for information to digest, just filter through all of this and wait for the hard core facts (data, data, and more data).. that's it, plain and simple. until this time, the rhetoric going on here means nothing. You either wait it out and filter out this nonsense or just move on.

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