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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 Jul 9, 2013 3:42 PM Flag

    Hey----Is Red John shorting Zalicus?

    Just a thought-his ugly powers may have been behind the Synavive fiasco.
    We might need one of those super heroes to right the ship. .5336?? you gotta be kidding? Exalgo and cHTS GOTTA BE WORTH MORE THAN THAT......

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    • Red John at it again.....5256---Oh Mama!!!

      Sentiment: Buy

    • UNKNOWN: Hey, Tab---Guess What?
      TAB: What?
      UNKNOWN: Nobody cares.
      TAB: That can't be true-they's some decent folks here.
      UNKNOWN: Nobody.......
      TAB: But---somebody gave me a thumbs up for my post!
      UNKNOWN: That was Stocklaser.
      TAB: Yeah-I know he's been a scapegoat----but he understands the science here!!
      UNKNOWN: That and .53 cents gives you the pps here!!!
      TAB: But----What about "The Big Fish" and "TTMA"?
      UNKNOWN: Its been played.
      TAB: Z-160, Z-944----the potential?
      UNKNOWN: Blah, blah, blah
      TAB: Ah cmon.... The break -thru pain medication?
      UNKNOWN: A better question---Ask the CEO if the drug fails-will he still be living well?
      TAB: I think I know the answer to that one.
      UNKNOWN: Too bad------Nobody...............

      Hey-a little humor for a Tuesday (emphasis on little)...................

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      • Thanks for the humor it helped after a long Z day. I removed all the bullets from my revolver and put them back in the drawer. Will have to see what tomorrow brings. Are you reading this leaders of ZLCS?
        I take responsibly for my actions however I don't believe my family member would have involuntarily committed me under Masschusetts General Law Chapter 123 section 35 for exxcessive drinking (FOR 22 STINKING DAYS) if Z have shown any sigh of life. Since Brockton is very near Z headquarters I thought about going over the barbed wire and getting an update. I am sure that would have added more days to my sentence. SHOW US SOME LIFE SOON.

        Sentiment: Strong Buy