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  • pattonjim95 pattonjim95 Jul 16, 2013 4:52 PM Flag


    Gar was right $.50 is the floor go to the ZALICUS WS and then SEC filings and read the details. I think it is Sept. 18, 2012. If your able to read and write its pretty simple.
    Maybe LPC is getting in below the $.50 floor who knows. I wouldn't blame them if they are I'm doing the same thing albeit on a miniscule level.
    Jim Long and calm

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    • Jim. Question: Am I correct here in stating that the volume #'s we are seeing are not from Z selling "new" shares directly to LP, as this would require a filing?

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      • econ: The filing would not have to be ASAP. I'm not certain of the time frame but Slugger, Gar or one of the other guy can fill in that blank. Seems to me its about 8 days.All I know is:
        1:ZLCS, according to all of their Quarterly posts they say their good to the end of 2013 and I think they indicated longer without assistance. That assistance would be would be LPC or some unknown party..
        2:LPC is contractually required to buy at ZLCS's discretion at anything above $.50 there is a play there for the auto traders.
        3: There is a two year window on the agreement.
        4: etc., etc.. Go to ZLCS web site and look up the 8-k Sept 2012
        So why would they sell below $.50????
        My guess is LPC is anticipating an upswing pronto and gobbling up weak kneeled shares. Who knows? If I was willing to gamble an extra $100,000 right now or more I'd be playing their game. I have set my limit on how much I'll put in the ZLCS pot, and I passed that point a long time ago, LOL. All I'm willing to spend now is free money. I wish I was a trader I would have made a small fortune on this puppy.
        For what its worth outfits like LPC don't mess around. If their in I'm is in.
        Jim Long and calm

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    • Sounds good to me.
      I shall also purchase more shares as well.
      Those ominous clouds on the horizon turned out to be a summer shower I am enjoying watching with a cup of coffee.

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    • sooo sooothing to hear

      just knowing you are buying miniscule amounts of a .48 cent stock make me staylongcalmmm