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  • slugboy85 slugboy85 Jul 17, 2013 2:23 PM Flag

    My tin foil hat

    Miss a day, miss a lot..... Interesting couple of days, of which I have no opinion. I'm back off to the four letter word -- work. everyone take care.

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    • Belviq's playing field as we stand today

      This is the playing field as we stand today

      1. Arena has NO DEBT! Let me repeat – NO DEBT (VVUS does)

      2. Arena has their own manufacturing facilities for Belviq (VVUS does not)

      3. Arena is covered by the Department of Defense, Blue Cross, Aetna, etc.. with MANY MORE to follow (VVUS is NOT covered by ANY federal system)

      4. Arena IS ABLE to SELL the drug in any pharmacy; does not need to be “specialized” pharmacy like VVUS.

      5. Arena OWNS the PATENTS to the product. This is HUGE and many more patents are granted helping to expand Arena’s pipeline for future products. VVUS is a one trick pony (VVUS was NEVER set up to sell a product, they were established to sell the COMPANY ((not product)) for profit).

      6. Arena is EXPANDING toward a GLOBAL MARKET while VVUS has already been REJECTED (not able to re-submit) in Europe.

      Arena was NEVER rejected in Europe – they voluntarily withdrew the application for later submission.

      Yet all YOU the retail shareholder will ever hear about is how BAD things are for Arena.

      TRUST ME, this is very far from the actual case. MM, hedge funds and shorts ALL want and NEED your shares to cover their BORROWED 60 million shares and will use (and have been using) substantial FALSE information to get YOOU to sell your shares at basement bottom prices.

      SO FAR, it is NOT working well for them.

      So, with all this being said – when you start to have any shred of doubt, sit back, understand the long term VALUE of what you own and LOAD up on the dips

    • grab enough ARNA here,,,,youll be retired a wealthy man THIS YEAR