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  • wrongbetter wrongbetter Jul 23, 2013 3:07 PM Flag

    OT: Slugger

    USU sitting back at 14. You said you followed it a bit, any reason in the world this ain't a gift short ?

    I don't buy the BS that yesterdays move was a huge short squeeze.

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    • If my numbers where right, there were about 1.5 to 2MM naked shares.... guessing those were covered yesterday. I think it was a combo of the NYSE letter and the elections in Japan that caused to run. Even with Japan contracts, the loss of the KY facility, ACP huge over runs, loss of tail processing, end of mega tonnes, etc... the company on paper is worth about 0 and they should have just filed for BK IMO and made it into a superfund site. DoE has been keeping the light on with small "gifts and contract", but will never pony up the cash in the form of loan guarentees it need to get the ACP fully functional (which is a shame because it under the control of the DoD-- it is that vital to US interents). USU does have some strong partners, but even they have to be tired of former director Chu and the DoE in general. FVM of USU is probally negative and cash flow is ugly. All that being said, it is way too nuts right now, I'd have a close stop set in either direction. plus USU has been selling off assets that were worth/benificial to the bottom line just ot raise cash.