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  • ie_rocks ie_rocks Aug 13, 2013 9:41 AM Flag

    Too Many Day Traders

    This stock is flooded with day traders buying and selling the fraction of pennies to make a quick buck. The money is in the long term. Just hit ignore on anyone who is bashing the stock so you don't have to listen to their antics and whining/boasting about how right they are because we all know the stock is falling due to their selling. The pipeline is good and the future looks bright.

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    • expect that to be the case for a while

    • Just so I sound completely defensive --- the only volume Z has seen is from traders. Would you rather have a few million shares traded a day of a couple of hundred thousand? Take the traders out and there are quite a few folks that would have no liquidity here. You really expect "big money" to move into a stock were the volume does not afford them the opportunity to exit if they have to? You need to separate out the traders from the pump and dumper artists.