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  • genetz2003 genetz2003 Sep 6, 2013 2:19 PM Flag


    If ZLCS is going to surge like the Phoenix, then why is is there is no insider trading?

    The last time a CEO bough stock was in January with Corrigan buying a tad over 100k shares at .77.

    It seems to me that the CEO's would know by now whether the trials were going to be a success?

    Just some thoughts. I don't want to get burned again as has happened a couple times since I purchased this stock.

    I will probably bail before the results are in and if I discern I bailed too soon, I can jump back in.

    I have not made the right decision on this stock since 2011, but nonetheless I follow history in making decisions.

    Just some thoughts.

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    • i dont think so

    • Gen: As there are a lot of new folks following Zalicus lets straighten this one out. On 1-17-13 Corrigan disposed of 112,850 shares for tax purposes, a common event for insiders with a stock based tax burden. This topic has been hashed over numerous times on this board. The result of it prompted a fictitious article on SA that resulted in the Daug losing his posting & Bolgging privileges at SA with SA pulling the article the next day Numerous other so called experts and financial services put the SA info up on their sites and leaving it up for an extended period of time without ever posting any apologies. This subsequently market reactions resulted in ZALICS's shares being beat up by the street and driven down substantially. We are still experiencing the fallout from that bone head move.
      I just want to keep things factual and accurate.
      Jim Long and calm

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Patton: Oops, I made a mistake; As you correctly pointed out, Corrigan sold, not bought 112,850 shares. What a #$%$ (me) No wonder I lost some big dollars (for me) on ZLCS my first time around.

        My only point was that the officers of ZLCS should be in a position to know how testing is proceeding and if it appeared favorable, (sans any prohibition against buying shares) they would be loading up now.

        The Daug is probably still on the prowl using another moniker, so people beware. Right click on anyone who starts pumping or dumping, and look for their date of tenure on the board.

    • these are legit fears. since we know zlcs will rise on anticipation, you could always sell enough to cover your original investment on the rise and then eat the loss if the news is negative, stop on quote trade to reduce losses, whatever. guessing news will be released before the pre-market which means only insiders have the advantage.

    • I have a good friend who has been a Clinical Research Associate (CRA) for several years. Based on what she's shared with me, most of these bio-tech/pharma companies doing drug studies will outsource to a Clinical Research Organization (CRO) and the CRAs who are actually collecting the data/making visits to the clinics that have patients enrolled have very little big-picture knowledge of the success of the trial until it's actually done. So, assuming that applies with the Z160 trial and the recent announcement that enrollment just finished (meaning patients are just now receiving the therapy), I honestly don't think the CEO or anyone knows quite yet how effective the drug is working for the study.

      With that said, I would also think that people on the inside would buy stock if things seemed promising. However, they may be about as unsure as us outsiders on what's going to happen.

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