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  • jakobi007 jakobi007 Sep 9, 2013 11:24 PM Flag

    The Quest for $1.00

    We were down today but ended down only 3.57%, no need to worry. There really wasn't any news today during the conference, just some good optimism. What you do have to look at is the support we are seeing at $.78 - $.84, to me this is better than the conference presentation.

    We have about 4 weeks or so till we have till reach $1.00, and we are about $.20 away. This will be reached. We have tested new highs and the lows are getting higher, which is a good sign. There are two big news releases coming on both Z160 and Z944.

    The other factor which people should not forget is LPC. They have a vested interest to no R/S. They have funded Z, and believed in them. They have done their DD, and made the choice to fund them. This is no light decision, and you can believe they took their time and covered all angles.

    Do not get discouraged about the daily up and downs, but look at the bigger picture. The support we are seeing, the range it's trading in, testing of the new highs, LPC, two big news releases coming for Z944 and Z160, the conference presentation, plenty of money for operations, and the timing is perfect.

    Just relax and wait, IMO. This stock will not only go past $1.00, but once it breaks through will head north. This is a biotech, it will run, people know that, they will want to take a chance or have a part of the run up. There is a HUGE need, and Z will meet it.

    "There is an "enormous need" for new types of analgesics with novel mechanisms of action, said Bob Rappaport, MD, director of the FDA's division of Anesthesia, Analgesia and Addiction Productions.
    "We need more [pain] drugs that are broadly effective and well-tolerated," he told MedPage Today after Monday's meeting."

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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