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  • troll_jill troll_jill Sep 11, 2013 9:31 AM Flag

    How to play the Z160 Phase II fail in December.


    There are a lot of people who are going to lose a lot of money in the next few months. First off ZLCS tried to run up over $1 twice now in the past month and was not able to make it. With every day that passes it is one day clower to being de-listed from the Nasdaq for not meeing the $1 minimum. Once big Z gets to be 7 days out from de-listing with their stock price hovering in the 50's they will enact a reverse split for 8:1. After the split shares will drop another 20% by the beginning of November trading at around $3.40 / .42 cents pre split.

    This is inevitable as there will be no news released between now and then. They had two news events in the last five days and the stock has gone down 14% as a result. It will be a slow 3% a day trickle with a few cliff drops in between now and early October.

    Now to the failure of Z160. They have promised to report results in Q4. That is scam biotech speak for Friday afternoon December 27th. Look for them to report that while there were no significant safety issues, the expected endpoints were not met.

    There will have been a small increase in share price in the month of December as some noobs catch wind of a stock with an end of the year catalysts so some buying will get this up to around $4.90 a share / 61 cents pre- split. After the fail news is announced you can expect Z's price to collapse to around $1.20 a share / 15 cents pre-split.

    You will see that price drop even further as those who bought just a week before expecting good news run for the exits to take a tax loss for the year.

    The best case scenario out of this is that after trading back below $1 they will come forward with news of some data mined sub groups that show positive results. That may get you a 20% increase in share price... good if you get in at those January 2014 levels... bad if you are invested as of September 2013.

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