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  • scistats scistats Sep 12, 2013 8:24 PM Flag

    Z160 Lumbosacral Enroll Completion: WILD CARD

    Justin Renz is not saying the exact date, but Z160 Lumbosacral enrollment completed before September 3rd. This is the date they announced that both trials completed enrollment, and we know trial #2 was playing catchup based on what Captain already told us.

    If the Lumbo enrollment completion date is mid-August, it will take an afternoon to "grade" the patient pain diaries and crunch the numbers in SAS with a basic statistical test. Grad students crunch statistics like this for homework due Monday morning, basic stuff. Why? Well, the Z160 trial has no MRI or CT scan data, no blood work, no cancer histopathology, and immunology screens. This trial is very BASIC.

    If there is an average pain reduction of 30% (p = 0.05), Z160 wins. That simple. This is a phase 2, and this is all we need to know at this point...we already know there are no side effect issues.

    So, we are getting very close here. It all comes down to WHEN the last patient enrolled. Team Zalicus needs to suck it up or stay on the porch. If it is mid-August and the results are good, the R/S will not happen. Its Captain's choice. This is why they press released the trial completion update simultaneously for both studies. No exact dates, just a notification of completion. All options are on the table. Hang tough.

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