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  • tabecounted1 tabecounted1 Sep 23, 2013 3:06 PM Flag

    We hope this is LPC

    I'm a little surprised no one seems concerned today....Man---I sure hope its LPC.........

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    • I imagine some of it is LPC and some of it is the market as a whole. Also, most biotechs are down today. If you look at day-to-day trading in ZLCS, you'll find something nearly every day to make you concerned. But in reality when you enlarge the scope of the trading here, the stock has done extremely well the past two months.

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      • It is not LPC causing the down tic today it is the goofs with all the negative talk about the R/S. People were quite happy adding on to there position on Friday despite the .78 paint tic at end of day. All weekend all you read about on this board was the R/S and how it wont help Z. After reading all that BS I sold 2/3 of my core on open today. All I'm saying is blame anyone who was talking R/S over the weekend. They caused selloff , I will add back on at low .70's

      • I'm not sure that they have ("done extremely well the past two months") that well. Considering this is a MAJOR MAJOR event coming up---they are not getting the run-up buzz that i would have thought considering this might be a " game-changing" drug.... Where is the institutional buying? Where are the important partnerships? For a game-changer---something for now-is missing....I'm hoping that will change pretty quick.....I'm not trying to be real negative---but this story looks familiar......

        Sentiment: Today----I just don't know---lol.......