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    I speak from experience when I say not to worry about R/S.
    A year ago I was sitting on 22000 shares of SRPT when they did a 6 for 1 R/S.I was so mad that I tried to sell my shares but my sell price was missed by a nickel--lucky me.I think most people know what happened to SRPT on Oct.3 last year.I have made more money on that stock than any other stock I have ever owned,and there is a lot of money still on the table with that stock.
    Bottom line is this--if the trial results for P160 are good and there is a good chance for FDA approval then it will not matter at all if there is a R/S.
    I personally doubled up yesterday as soon as i learned of the orphan drug designation.There are no sure things in the stock world,but this designation gave a lot of creditability to tis company and P160. IMO

    Sentiment: Strong Buy

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    • thanks for your keen insight,,,now say bye bye

      no r/s here price will be over a buck for the 10 days starting monday

      see ya

    • I agree the P2 Z160 data will determine the price of ZLCS. RS are usually negative for bios because they frequently follow a failed trial which drives the price down. But in this case a RS will probably occurs just before ZLCS releases top line trial results. The market cap for ZLCS will end up being the same after the trial results are known whether or not ZLCS does a RS. Personally I don't care if a RS occurs but know some believe the ZLCS stock price will crash with a RS. Their plan is to buy in low on the day it happens. We will see soon who was right but I think this could be a case of penny wise but pound foolish.

    • Thanks for your insight. I've been sitting on the sidelines largely because of the RS issue, and the possibility of delisting. This stock has been on my radar for a while, but I'm watching for more stability before I throw any money at it. JMHO...

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