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  • berryballs2003 berryballs2003 Oct 3, 2013 10:22 AM Flag

    Share price

    We were all happy when Z hit a dollar recently so as long as the adjusted price doesn't drop below $6.00, it should be considered a victory. I don't have a ton of shares and I know the RS puts a dent in the size of my potential profit, but there is still potential for a very nice gain. It's just a matter of changing your expectation level and not necessarily dreaming of early retirement. Any profit is better than no profit at all and Z can still provide a sizable one. Good luck to everyone (except the shorts).

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    • 1 to 10 or 6 to 60 whats the difference?

    • Berry, thats why I was thinking!

      I was ecstatic that Z ran up to 1.00 and was PRAYING it would hold 1.00 before the trial data.....

      We are currently still trading above a dollar post RS. I am still pumped. It is like people forgot that we made 40% last week...

      We are currently 40% higher than we were a couple weeks ago and absolutely nothing has changed in terms of whether or not the trial is a success.

      The RS honestly is not a big deal. It didn't even do damage to the PPS (unless you bought the last two days then you are down a small amount). We still are a binary stock that will trade on whether or not Z160 has a good trial. If it does then there will be talks of blockbuster drug potential and the pps will do its thing. 60 is the same as pre-split 10, it doesn't matter to the big boys who will control the price.

    • And if Zalicus does a 1:6 split in the opposite direction later on, would we all be richer?
      Its mathematically neutral. If Z160 is a blockbuster, it will not stop at 100PPS.
      Avoiding a R/S would have been fun, but really we need institutional help here. Other than this, nothing has changed.

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      • Mathematical neutral on paper, but still damaging in this world: they just announced to the world "we are having difficulty keeping the shareprice above $1" This will likely attract new predators. The other problem: the float is now a very low 24m. Sounds great, right? I can promise you some of the BOD are looking at that thinking how the company can now support a little dilution. Mark my words - we go to 30m shares within 6 months.

    • Hate people like you who pretend to be happy anyway and trying to suck in others

      GET LOST!

    • Loser

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      • By the way, this was your post from April 18th:

        "I sold my entire position yesterday but I hope things will be better after R/S when finally I'll be back if I'll see some management good directives. ZLCS, what an unfair disappointement you have been to me :-( GLTA"

        So you apparently knew the RS was coming back then and are now complaining about it when it happens six months later. You must have bought back in since April despite ZLCS being such "an unfair disappointment" to you. You must not have been that disappointed after all...or you are just a total liar about the whole thing. I believe the real loser has now been identified.

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