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  • kdalglish14 kdalglish14 Oct 4, 2013 11:43 AM Flag


    I should have seen this coming. Shorts are crafty - never miss a beat. I have no doubts about what happened today: stops were set and the shorts plowed right through them forcing big drops. The retailers panic and sell into it and the shorts get to cover with big gains. Eventually it peters out and then jumps back. I would not be surprised to see a close over $6. I bought all the way down with my last buy at $5.41. I own more shares now than I wanted originally, but I plan to make a lot of money on this stock very shortly. By the middle of next Tuesday I bet we are up substantially. There is a big phase 2 release coming relatively soon - and those results could be watch shattering. If it looks like it worked, this thing will double. Pain management is a huge industry and the current regiment is pretty poor.

    My advice is to buy more here. There's no reason for anyone to take my advice or trust me but I am betting heavily on a big bounce to maybe 15% lower than the top a few days ago.